13 Shows And Movies On Netflix
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13 Shows And Movies On Netflix

Regardless of how you absorb your Netflix, here’s a list of my favorite shows and movies to watch.

13 Shows And Movies On Netflix

Everyone likes to watch Netflix, and we watch it in all different forms. Some people only binge one show, which is defined by Wikipedia as watching 6 or more episodes in one sitting. Others dabble in several shows and movies, watching just one (or a couple) episodes with a little more restraint. Regardless of how you absorb your Netflix, here’s a list of my top favorite shows and movies to watch.

1. Friends

This classic comedy has 10 seasons, which amounts to 236 episodes. If you’re binging, that will take you about 40 back to back days to get through (if you’re watching 6 a day). If you’re not binging, it could take you over a year to get through this epic comedy, but the evolution of the characters and show is worth it. This is my top choice for a quick, light-hearted something to watch, maybe over dinner, before bed, or just killing time.

2. Scandal

If you’re into dramas, you HAVE to watch Scandal. Netflix has 6 of the 7 seasons and about 105 episodes. Beware that this thriller does end on a cliffhanger almost every episode, so binging happens easily. Following the life and work of Olivia Pope and those she works with is truly enthralling. There’s government intrigue, romance, scandal (obviously) and some mega plot twists.

3. Criminal Minds

12 of the current seasons are Netflix (season 13 is in commission), and as long as you can stomach some gore (think serial killers, torture, etc) this show is fascinating. Following the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI in Quantico, Virginia, there’s plenty of down-to-the-minute action. With 291 episodes, this might be a difficult show to binge.

4. Zootopia

This is one of the latest animated masterpieces from Disney. It manages to convey an important storyline about stereotyping with a great featured song and interesting plot. Even as a college student I really liked this movie and have watched it multiple times. It’s good for all ages and not too long, with a running time of 108 minutes.

5. Call the Midwife

This British drama follows the lives of midwives working in East London in the late 50s and early 60s. Based on the memoir by Jennifer Worth, each episode is its own story of an expectant mother. I binged this while I was sick and finished it in little over a week. It’s a beautiful show that I highly recommend getting into before season 7 airs.

6. The White Helmets

I’m into documentaries, and this one pulled at my heartstrings a lot. It’s about volunteer rescue workers in Syria who are the first to go into bombed buildings and try to help survivors out alive. The war in Syria has been going on for about 7 years now and this gives valuable insight into the refugee crisis as well. It’s only 40 minutes and encapsulates so much.

7. Finding Dory

Animated films offer such great entertainment. I actually like Finding Dory more than Finding Nemo, and I love the storyline. Pixar KNOWS how to get at my emotions, and I actually paid to go to a theater and watch this. It’s 100 minutes and takes you through so many emotions, good for people of all ages.

8. Jane the Virgin

My sister and her roommates are obsessed with this show. It’s basically a telenovela in English. There’s romance, drama, plot twists, all the things that make a good binge-worthy tv show. 3 of 4 seasons are on Netflix, but the 4th will be joining Netflix soon. It’s definitely a unique show, which I can appreciate because so much of television these days are recycled.

9. The Road to El Dorado

This classic DreamWorks film remains one of my favorites to this day. I found it fascinating as a child--a city of gold hidden in Latin America?! The story is timeless and unique, with romance, action, and intrigue. Whether you have kids or not, you should see this movie. It’s only 89 minutes.

10. American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson

I like crime shows, and since I know this case actually happened it’s all the more fascinating. The acting is superb and regardless of your opinions about the case and its outcome, you will be enthralled with this. There are only 10 episodes, so in theory, you could watch it all in one day, although I spread it out. Don’t watch it before bed though, because you’ll always be tempted to watch just one more episode.

11. Sherlock

There’s nothing like classic Sherlock Holmes. Portrayed brilliantly by Benedict Cumberbatch, this modern retelling of stories had me hooked. I’ve watched every single episode, some more than once. There are some problems though: each episode is an hour and half, and the hiatus between seasons can be years. There are only 4 seasons with about 3 episodes per season, but due to the length of the episodes this can be difficult to binge.

12. Meet the Robinsons

This underrated Disney animation is perfect for all ages. Following the story of a scientifically minded boy who wants to discover his birth family, there’s plenty of emotion mixed with a good plot. I didn’t see this movie until I was 20 and I fell in love with it instantly. It’s only 94 minutes and sure to be a hit with whoever you like to watch Netflix with.

13. Blackfish

Documentaries can be powerful, and this is one of the most moving I’ve ever seen. Everyone has heard about the accident at SeaWorld that left a trainer dead. This, coupled with a book (which I’ve also read) tells the truth about whales in captivity. It’s 83 minutes and definitely worth it.

I hope your next Netflix watching session will be more successful thanks to these titles I've offered. Now go forth and binge to your heart's content!

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