The Best Sex Toys Women Can Buy On Amazon

11 Items Every Woman Needs To Start Her Sex Toy Collection That You Can Buy On Amazon

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11 Items Every Woman Needs To Start Her Sex Toy Collection That You Can Buy On Amazon

The first time I went shopping for sex toys was two weeks after my eighteenth birthday. One of my best friends and I thought it would be a fun to get carded and celebrate "being an adult."

Now that I live in a college town, it's not always so easy to acquire the toys my friends and I want. I love shopping on Amazon and with Prime everything arrives in two days.

Beyond just toys, there things that are needed to clean and store your toys. The last thing you want is a melted vibrator.

Here are the 11 items that every woman needs in her sex toy collection:

1. Rabbit vibrator

The rabbit vibrator classic toy for ladies! The rabbit style vibrator is a win for many women. This vibrator from Paloqueth has Amazon reviewers raving - 93% gave it five stars.

Make sure to store silicone toys like this one away from other silicone items to avoid breakdown of the silicone.

2. Bullet vibrator

Bullet style vibrators are a great starter toy. They have variable speeds and is a great way to figure out what you want out of a more expensive toy. This style of vibrator tends to be very affordable and can be picked up at any sex toy store.

This bullet is available on Amazon for under $10 - "this inexpensive little toy is worth the price", say reviewers.

3. Kegel exercise weights

Commonly known as Ben Wa balls, these Kegel weights have many uses. Predominantly, women use them to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to increase orgasms and help with bladder control. This set of Kegel weights is from Adorime.

4. Crystal dildos

These crystal dildos are the newest fad in sex toys. The original dildos are produced by Chakrubs and claim to have healing powers. This crystal dildo is from Jovivi and is described by Amazon customers as "small but powerful".

5. Glass anal plug

Glass is your best friend when it comes to the booty. Most importantly, it can be boiled to sterilize the toys. This butt plug set from Prisms is available on Amazon.

6. Water based lube

Not all lube is created equal. Don't give up trying to find the perfect lube after the first bottle. Don't forget, only use water based lube with condoms.

I recommend a water based lube that is tasteless and doesn't get sticky like this one from Paloqueth. It's less than $10 and available on Amazon. I also like this one from Babeland because it comes with a pump.

7. Condoms

I know what you're thinking. Why do women need condoms for their sex toys? You can put condoms on sex toys to keep them clean and safe to play with others. I like these these ones from Trojan.

8. Cotton drawstring bags

Fun fact! Some toys cannot be stored together. Silicone toys will degrade each other and it's more sanitary to store them separately. Therefore, cotton bags are perfect to store toys because they are breathable and will allow the toys to try after being cleaned.

9. Toy cleaner

Cleaning your toys is a very important step. It's super important to read the care instructions that arrive with your toys to know what you should and shouldn't be using. This toy cleaner is made by Shibari.

10. Baby wipes

You never know when something's going to get a little messy. Keep some baby wipes near your bedside table to avoid getting out of bed unnecessarily.

11. Storage container

A storage container is up to personal taste. My general requirements are: opaque, breathable and that it matches my decor. This container by StorageWorks fits all of my requirements.

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