30 Of The Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 If You Struggle With Gift Giving
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30 Of The Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 If You Struggle With Gift Giving

Christmas is right around the corner. And what better way to spend Christmas with some of the most simple but greatest gifts for Secret Santa!

30 Of The Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 If You Struggle With Gift Giving

To celebrate Christmas with your friends the right way this year, your gift-giving game needs to be at its peak. So here's some inspiration for the person looking for a little nudge in the right direction!


I mean, it's winter so what better way to keep this person warm and trendy at the same time! If you want to spend a little extra money, you can even try to make your own hoodie or customize their name on it, but most hoodies are actually $20 or less!

A laminated poster

Get to know your person and potentially what they would like on a poster and then print it out on to some big white paper and laminate the paper. You could even put it into a frame if you wanted to!

Room decor

For guys and girls, room decor makes almost everyone happy. You can get such things like LED lights, fairy lights, board decorations and more.

Any device for a phone

People love earbuds, phone cases and more!


There are some headphones that are expensive but a lot of them are actually only about 10 dollars! Wrap it up in some nice wrapping paper and there's your gift!

Portable mini speaker

Art Supplies

Not everyone likes art, but art supplies come in handy for school, projects and saves a ton of money when we least expect it.


Get a bracelet for your best friend or a small necklace for your mom! Every year for secret santa, I end up buying jewelry for my friends and you wouldn't believe it if I told you they were only 3 dollars each!


You're probably wondering what to get those boys in the family! Skateboards are a great gift even if someone has never shown interest in it because they might want to learn how to ride it! They range from $10-$20 when on sale or at Walmart.

Espresso mugs and matching spoons

So many people love coffee so getting them little mugs and fancy spoons as a gift is perfect for them!

Scratch Map

I know a lot of travelers who like to keep track of where they went in the world, so a scratch map helps them scratch out those places they have already been to!

Desktop Charging Stand

For only $12.99, you can get a fancy charging station for an iPhone. Not to mention that it is a best seller right now!

Nightlight Bluetooth Speaker

We said speaker already but how about one that glows and makes you feel comfortable while sleeping. Add some candy or some socks in that gift bag and give it to the person!

Visa Gift Card

Super generic right? Wrong. You can almost never go wrong with a gift card because you're giving full freedom to the person who is a little bit pickier than the others.

Lunch totes

Lunch bags are important but carrying your lunch in style is even better.

Zodiac items

Zodiac necklaces, socks, backpacks, you name it. Some people don't believe in astrology, but for the ones that do, this is for you!

Painted Leather Wallet

You don't have to paint the wallet but I think it makes the gift more authentic. Get a leather white or black wallet from the store and paint over it and make some designs or get stickers and decorate the wallet how you think the person would like it.

Pins and Keychains

Ask the person what they like and try to get as many keychains as your budget fits and buy something to put the keychains on. Do the same with pins and the person would do what they want with their new collection.

Chips Ahoy IceCream Set

I am guilty of wanting this gift! Children enjoy this gift so much. For $13, you get a packet of chips ahoy, you get an ice cream scooper, sprinkles and matching napkins.

Go to the dollar tree and get 25 items

Get 25 items and put it together to surprise your person for secret santa. One year, I had a friend give me a bottle of soda attached to candy and a bunch of t shirts wrapped around it for me to tie-dye. It's all up to you and what your person likes.

Kinetic Sand

The perfect gift for anyone who likes to get their hands dirty.

Bluetooth Beanies

Make your ideal basket

Put a bunch of delicious treats in your basket and at the bottom of the basket can be a gift they have wanted to receive for a long time and maybe a note if you want to.

Photo Moon Lamp

A notepad/journal

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Smartphone Projector

Put popcorn in a mini bag and coke in a mini cup and watch a mini movie being projected from your phone!

Couch cup holder

I'm sure you don't want to get up and throw your drink away immediately so this is the best option for that.

Engraved pencil set

Bobblehead Santa Mini Dispenser

What better way to end this then to wrap up a gift with santa spitting out candy!

Not all gifts have to be small and simple but these are ways to spend your money wisely whilst making secret santa happy and enjoyable.

Happy Holidays!

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