The 21 Best Things About Autumn That Make You Wish Summer Was Over
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The 21 Best Things About Autumn That Make You Wish Summer Was Over

Because we all know Autumn in the best season

The 21 Best Things About Autumn That Make You Wish Summer Was Over

Let's face it. Autumn is hands down the best season. Right now, it's summer and it's HOT. In Philadelphia, it is 90 degrees, no wind, and in a humidity of 80%. In Autumn, the air is crisp, you can wear a sweater and be perfectly warm, there is a slight never changing wind, and it is beautiful. If your anything like me, you are a fall fanatic and you know exactly what I am talking about. There are many aspects to fall that I truly enjoy and can't wait for (53 days but who's counting), but the top 21 are shown here.

Carving pumpkins

Heather Keck

No matter what your age is, carving pumpkins is fun for everyone! They are a necessity to celebrate Halloween.

Sweaters, leggings, boots, scarves, hats...oh the possibilities!


You can't be wearing these (although I desperately try to wear a sweater whenever I can) in the summer! Remember that cozy feeling you get in this outfit?

Football season

Gina Shields

One of the more IMPORTANT aspects of autumn, FOOTBALL! This isn't the preseason games that you find in August, hunny. This is the real-deal football.

Since we're here, Go Eagles!


Boo-and-Brew Run

Hannah Porter

Halloween is just all-around a great time. When you were younger you roamed house-to-house for treats. Seeing everyone dressed up warms your heart, now. It's giving out candy, it's the holiday itself with all the creepy and spookiness to it, it's new pumpkin beers and drinks. Halloween is just a great holiday (the BEST holiday)

The IN-BETWEEN weather. Yes, totally a thing.


The not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather. It's the definition of the PERFECT weather. It's not 90 degrees outside.

Haunted Houses

Hannah Porter

This is one of my favorite. Haunted houses with significant others and friends is such a great night.

Hunting season

Julia Smith

Not everyone does it, but if you do you know its the best time to hunt!

Changing of the leaves

All the leaves are red, yellow, brown, and orange. It's natures glitter! Also, the dogs LOVE IT.

Fresh pie

Hugo Aitken

Okay, this also includes pumpkin pie

Everyone forgets this one but THANKSGIVING!


Yes, it's a holiday that marks the end of autumn, but a very important part of it. Who doesn't like Thanksgiving?

Orchards and pumpkin patches

Hannah Porter

Cold-weather Camping


Yes, you can camp in the fall! It's actually better! You wake up to the beautiful hues of the changing leaves, the crisp morning air, and snuggle under blankets. You have a bonfire to keep you warm and all the hot chocolate you want!


We cannot forget the PSL. Okay, ANYTHING pumpkin spiced


All you can think about is that typical "white girl" drink, but for some it is a staple for autumn!

PSL not your thing? What about that perfect hot chocolate with the tiny marshmallows or warm spiced apple cider?

Linvilla Orchards | Facebook

Extremely underrated

Since we're talking about apple cider, what about apple cider donuts?!

Linvilla Orchards | Facebook

You know what I'm talking about. Those warm spiced donuts you get right after picking out pumpkins at the local farm? Yea, you can probably taste them now. If you haven't had these, you better start Google-ing!

Bonfires and fireplaces

Toa Heftiba

Yes, summer is "known" for bonfires. But fire's are meant to keep us warm. You can't snuggle up under a blanket with hot chocolate in front of the fire in the summer. Bonfires are BEST in autumn. Prove me wrong.

You can start that "winter body"


Helloooo carbs! No need for a bikini when you have sweaters to cover that up! The comfort food that autumn brings is just too good.



Some of you lucky son-of-guns have central air. But for many (me?), we have these big ass air conditioners. There's something about this "artificial air" that just does not compare to the newly fall air with the slight breeze. Opening the windows with fresh crisp air is honestly mentally healthy.

Crafters beware: it's that time for autumn crafts! 

Belinda Fewings

We all know a crafter

Corn mazes


Ever do a corn maze with flashlights? Talk about a challenge (especially for someone who can't tell her way in the daytime!). Corn mazes in haunted houses are fun, too! No matter where you are, corn mazes can be a lot of fun!

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