The Top 10 SNL Skits That Made Me LMFAO
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The Top 10 SNL Skits That Made Me LMFAO

We all have those favorite movies or TV shows that make us laugh our a$$es off! SNL is the one that never fails to make me laugh until I can't breathe. So here are a couple of the skits that I can't seem to ever forget! Make sure when you're done reading this post to go look them up on youtube.

The Top 10 SNL Skits That Made Me LMFAO

"The reason I love this specific one is because they can't control their laughter. Most of the time they have no trouble but, when you are recording this live you might have your slip ups".

Need more cowbell

This is my #1 Saturday Night Live skit. As you can see there are two pretty famous people in the picture above. Will Farrell and Jimmy Fallon. Will Farrell is playing the cowbell and their manager comes in every 30 seconds and says "I need more cowbell!". Farrells reaction will make you cry of laughter.

The delicious dish with Pete Schweddy

Schweddy Balls is a chocolatey snack in the shape of a ball. But, since Alec Baldwin is on an NPR show, the people sitting next to him are the only ones that can see what he is taking about. Other people on the radio think that he is taking about his "sweaty balls".

Meet your second wife

This skit is kind of weird and cringy but it is definitely worth watching because Amy Poehler and Tiny Fey are the best dynamic duo on SNL. I also love watching this one because the contestants faces and facial expressions are priceless.

World's most evil invention

Dwayne "the rock" Johnson was known as being the most "evil inventor" in the other scientists' eyes because he decided to not create a shrink ray, or a freeze ray, but to rather invent a robot who molests children. WOW this is deep but it is also supposed to have light-hearted comedy.

Im on a boat

We all love Andy Samberg SNL shorts. He has the best "music videos" like the one I listed above, D*ck in a box, and Lazy Sunday. He always has the people who are hosting or music hosting SNL in these videos, including Justin Timberlake, T-pain, and Chris Parnell. Make sure you have a night where you can listen to these and then look up the "Lonely Island" songs on Youtube.


Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze were amazing in this skit together. They only have the budget to hire one dancer so Farley and Swayze both get a call back to dance side by side. Even though they have totally different body types they both agree that they are amazing dancers.

Haunted Elevator

This SNL skit is just too funny to pass up. It is about a haunted hotel that has 100 floors or fright. Fortunately Tom Hanks, David S. Pumpkin, and his skeletons are on most of the floors and the passengers on the elevator don't know why. The passengers are more interested in his name and why he is on so many floors if he isn't at all scary.

Stefon on St. Patrick's Day

Okay guys Stefon is on SO MANY seasons of SNL, especially during the weekend update. But, the reason I love this specific one is because they can't control their laughter. Most of the time they have no trouble but, when you are recording this live you might have your slip ups... which makes the audience and people watching at home much more entertained.


This is another skit where some of the actors on SNL can't keep their laughter together. I mean who could?! It is Jonah Hill pretending to be six years old talking to the two other men at the table about how he wants his fruit punch "on the rocks".

Celebrity Jeopardy

This is probably THE number one SNL skit that makes me laugh. There are so many actors on SNL that pretend to be other actors and singers. They do a pretty dang good job too. Kate McKinnon plays Justin Bieber and Jim Carey plays Matthew McConaughey and how these people on SNL perceive the others' personalities and voices amazes me.

If you are looking for a laugh every once and a while make sure you go on the NBC website and look up Saturday Night Live Skits to make your day better. You'll laugh and get a kick out of the ones that I have listed above. I hope your days are amazing and full of smiles, happy laughing!

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