I've explored many places in my short 21 years of life. I've loved every bit of it. I wanted to share some of my favorite things about traveling!

1. Meeting new people

These dudes are my favorite!

2. Making new memories

Finding a street in my favorite city named "after me" was pretty cool!

3. Exploring new places 

I've been to New York City twice. I'm not a big city person, but this city is something else. I loved walking around and just exploring!

4. Having to leave your house

Something new? Groundbreaking.

5. Missing work

It's good for the soul.

6. Getting sick and tired of learning new things

Nope, you won't get tired of it at all.

7. Wanting to go to a whole new destination 

I have always wanted to go to Milan, Italy! Hopefully, I'll get there one day!

8. Doing something that could change your life

LIZZIE MCGUIRE MET THAT TRASH CAN AND HER LIFE CHANGED. I sincerely hope you don't meet a trash can, though.

9. Seeing the world, even though it's so boring


10.  Looking back to the trip all the time

About a year ago I went to Canada, and I haven't been the same since.

11.  Ditching your boring town

There's about two things to do in my town — eating and committing illegal stuff.

It's up to you! I think traveling is pretty cool!