It has been announced that "The Princess Diaries 3" has a script and our favorite queens—Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews—are willing to be a part of it! In celebration, here is a list of my favorite moments that occurred in "The Princess Diaries" and "The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement" that make the prospect of a third movie even more exciting.

10.  All the foot pops!

Mia and Nicholas

Whenever Mia's foot popped, that's when you knew it was real! We saw it with Michael and Nicholas—who will make Mia's foot pop in the third movie? I am excited to find out!

9. The fabulous royal closet and its amenities 


This was always the go-to closet for me. It was huge, beautiful, and very chic! Heck, I still want it!

8. Shut up!

Shut Up!

When Mia found out she was a princess, this response was extremely valid and iconic, even today.

7. When Mia accepts her role as Princess


Even though she did not want to go through with it, her acceptance of her crown after all was very bittersweet. And she slayed this by giving a beautiful speech while being soaking wet.

6. Mattress surfing? Iconic.


Queen Clarisse clearly still got it! Find me a ramp and mattresses so I can try it out.

5. "Your Crowning Glory"

Anything with Julie Andrews' singing is phenomenal. And adding Raven into the mix? AMAZING!

4. Mia's makeover 

Mia's Princess Look

Un, Deux, Trois! We have ourselves a princess! Where is Paulo to give me a glow up in under a day?

3. Clarisse and Joe's wedding

Joe and Clarisse

Let me just say: FINALLY! It is great how Queen Clarisse proposed to Joe and they got their happy ever after! I hope in the "Princess Diaries 3" that they stay the cutest couple ever.

2. When Clarisse said the most quotable line ever 

Queen Clarisse

She speaks nothing but the truth!

1. The new Queen of Genovia

The sparrow flew and became Amelia Migonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Ronaldo, Queen of Genovia! The coronation scene made me very emotional because Mia deserved it and how she did not need a husband to become Queen. What a role model.

I am excited for more notable moments that will make me laugh, cry, and smile. "The Princess Diaries 3" will definitely be an anticipated Disney hit. Now, let me go and sing Genovia's national anthem.