These 6 Popular Skincare Products Actually Live Up To Hype
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These 6 Popular Skincare Products Actually Make Me Love Taking Care Of My Skin, Pimples And All

I used to be so embarrassed if I had a pimple to be seen in public, but it really is not that a big deal at all.

These 6 Popular Skincare Products Actually Make Me Love Taking Care Of My Skin, Pimples And All

This is just my opinion on things I have tried but everyone is different on what works for them and also remember that it is okay if you break out- that is bound to happen every once in a while!

I used to be so embarrassed if I had a pimple to be seen in public, but it really is not that a big deal at all it's completely normal. I just love taking care of my skin and I know a lot of you reading this too so I just wanted to share my opinion on some that I have tried!

1. Kale + Green Tea


As far as cleansers go I have tried a lot, especially the ones that specifically target acne, and the prevention of it. The best thing that I have found for my skin, which is combo skin, is to keep it simple on the cleanser.

If you are washing your face at least two times a day it makes sense not too use something too harsh. My favorite one is the youth to the people superfood cleanser. The best thing about this is it doesn't leave my skin super oily afterward.

2. Lush Tea Tree Water


The next item is the tea tree water toner from Lush. It always makes my skin feel very clean after I use it, and obviously, I am not a specialist in any way, but I definitely notice a difference when I don't use it. It seems to prevent acne because some days I'll forget to use it and then I'll have a small breakout later. Just remember to keep in mind it is okay to get breakouts you can't always prevent them!

3. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid Masque


The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque is definitely my favorite mask. Salicyclic works really well on my skin to prevent any breakouts and get rid of any that are already there. The only thing about this is 2 percent is a lot because salicylic is very strong.

When you use this you can only keep in on for 10 minutes if you leave it on any longer it irritates the skin badly. I definitely left it on too long once and my skin was a little red and that is definitely not supposed to happen. I do have very sensitive skin though and this is kind of harsh but it definitely works.

4. Drunk Elephant SPF


Sunscreen is so, so, so important even when you are young you should be wearing sunscreen to prevent damage to your skin! My favorite is Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense from Drunk Elephant. I like it because it is 30 SPF which I think is a good amount and it doesn't just protect against the sun it protects against air pollution as well.

Also, the best thing about this is that it has 20% Zinc Oxide which is what makes sunscreen white, from what I've read. This is also safe for the reefs because we don't want to damage our oceans any further!

5. Glow Peel Pads


Sephora's Glycolic Acid Glow Peel Pads are my favorite thing to use in the morning. They exfoliate since it is glycolic acid, which is an AHA, something you see a lot in skincare. It basically exfoliates the dead skin and it's not as harsh.

It makes my skin feel super dewy and clear after I use them and you get 60 pads for only $16.00 which is really not bad considering they work and you get a lot. I bought these a while back and I still use them after I wash my face in the morning.

6. The Ordinary


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% Zinc 1% is my favorite serum. This cleared my skin from basically all of my acne, I still get some every once in a while because that's normal, but this made my skin so clear.

I use this every night because I think it would be too strong to use in the morning, especially if you would be in the sun for a while. The Niacinimide prevents acne and keeps your skin moisturized so it basically does everything you need. It's super cheap too my bottle is 1 ounce and it was only 5.90.

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