These podcasts will empower you on your next commute.
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4 Podcasts Women Should Listen To, ASAP

These podcasts will entertain you and make you feel badass

4 Podcasts Women Should Listen To, ASAP

If you are like me and have long, tedious commutes from school to home, or from school to work then podcasts are a great way to learn or simply put your my mind at ease. Since my discovery of podcasts, I have become super obsessed and try to hunt down some great shows. I have curated my list of great podcasts.

1. "I Don't Get It" 

The IDGI podcast has three hosts which consist of Lauren and Ashley Iaconetti and Naz Perez. If Lauren and Ashley Iaconetti sound familiar it's because you probably watched then in "The Bachelor." Naz was a Reality TV producer and now a host. The three girls sit down and talk about various topics that every girl can relate to. Some episodes touch on depression, marriage, sugar daddies etc. These girls make you laugh, cry, and cringe with all their stories.

2. "Bossy Bonitas"

This podcast is hosted by Candice Cruz and Leslie Ambriz, two badass Latinas making a name in Hollywood. Candace is half Puerto Rican and Caucasian while Leslie is Mexican-American. The two discuss their personal journey of trying to break into the entertainment industry. Candice is an aspiring actress while Leslie is a journalist/TV Host.

3. "Locatora Radio"

"Locatora Radio" is hosted by Mala Munoz and Diosa Femme, two Latinx from Los Angeles. I fell completely head over heels in love with each episode because each segment discusses issues and topics prevalent to Latinx women. Each episode has a Spanish title, which I love because it represents not only my culture but other Latinx. Some of my favorite episodes are "Capitulo 029: Mi Cuerpo, mis reglas," which had Planned Parenthood representatives discuss the Midterm Elections and Latina women finding help with Planned Parenthood. Another episode is "Capitulo 025: Femme Revenge" because they discuss songs that help sexual assault survivors.

 4. "Office Hours with College Fashionista"

"College Fashionista" is an online community for college women who want to get involved in fashion, social media and editorial careers. The company has a podcast where they interview successful women in various fields. Each guest gives their advice to the college women listening and the journey to their career. Each episode leaves you feeling inspires and empowered.

On your next commute make sure to check out these great podcasts and learn something new!

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