If You're Thinking Of Getting A Pet, Go To An Animal Shelter Because They Need Loving Homes

If You're Thinking Of Getting A Pet, Go To An Animal Shelter Because They Need Loving Homes

Shelter pets need a home and someone to love who they can love in return, and maybe you could be that person for them.


Pets are fun, loving, loyal, and just have a way of making your life feel fulfilled, which is probably why most people want to get one if they don't already have one. Not only are there multiple pets, but there are also many different places to adopt one. Some examples are breeders, pet stores such as Petco, retired military dogs, as well as many more options, but one of the most popular, if not the most popular place to adopt an animal is through an animal shelter/humane society.

One of the upsides of shelter pets is that they are often less expensive. One of the common reasons people don't get pets is because they are worried about the cost. Now don't get me wrong, while the pet itself can be quite expensive, that is actually the cheapest part of owning the animal, so if you can save a little money on the pet at least, definitely take the opportunity. Even the shelter dogs are usually around $60 if not more, but if you look at many of the other options, you would be spending hundreds.

Also, keep in mind the variety of animals you can find at a shelter. Most of them are mutts (mixed breeds), so if you are looking for a purebred pet, an animal shelter may not be the best option, especially when considering dogs. Mixed breeds are absolute sweethearts though, and some even tend to mostly resemble one breed. They will hold animals such as rabbits, cats, dogs, and sometimes more uncommon pets such as rats/mice. There is also not only a variation in breeds but in ages as well. They will have anything from a little older than newborns to elderly animals near the end of their life, who would do best in a home with a loving family to spend their last years.

There are also, as known by many people, kill shelters. While it's an unfortunate truth, a large number of pets are lost because nobody wanted to adopt them. They are only given a certain amount of time at the shelter, and if they haven't been provided a new home by then, they will be put down due to lack of cell space or something of that kind. In other words, if more people went to an animal shelter when looking for an animal, less would end up having to die. Believe me, nobody wants to have to put down the animals. That way, not only will you be getting a loyal new family member, but you will have possibly saved its life as well.

After all of this, if you hadn't already preferred getting animals from a shelter, I'm hoping I in some way altered your view of shelters. If you're considering adopting any animals, even if you have your mind set on a breeder or something of that sort, visit an animal shelter, because whether you believe it or not, your future best friend may be waiting for you there.

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5 Most Loyals Animals On Earth

How different animals can show loyalty.

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Snakes... There are 1000's of different types of animals in the world, some made for being pets and some take a great deal of effort to legally own. One thing almost every pet owner should be able to admit is that their pet helps their lives in some way. Animal loyalty between animal partners and even different species are examples of how trustworthy they are.

1. Dogs

Human beings don't deserve dogs, not at all. Dogs, when they are loved and respected have proven to do remarkable things like save babies from fires and sniffing out mines in war ridden countries. They stay extremely loyal and show how much they care and appreciate their owners, dogs will give you love the moment you come home from work everyday.

2. Cats

Cats can be considered one of the weirdest but most lovable species on planet earth, there has been ancient paintings depicting cats existence with humans for 1000's of years. The same look they have when they want love could be the same one they have when they want blood. But from the day they are kittens it's hard not to fall in love with the connection you get with some cats.

3. Wolves

Wolves are an amazing specie for several reasons. They are very loyal to their family and their packs, and either as a team or on their own wolves are a dangerous force. Wolves relationships can be considered better than that of humans because of their loyalty, once mated they tend to stay with that partner for life. When traveling in packs each wolf has its own duty to ensure the protection an well being of each member.

4. Bald Eagles

When you think of bald eagles you may think of the United States of America and the freedom it represents, but I also think of the beauty and strength the bird possesses. Bald eagles usually tend to keep their mating partners for life, they even build monstrous nests to show their fidelity.

5. Horses

The bond between horses cannot be measured in most cases. Horses are brilliant animals and look majestic, which is why humans are so interested in them. They can be used for a lot of different reasons like pulling plows, racing for sport, and transportation that is gas free. Horse ranchers usually take very good care of their animals with special food and exercise and social interactions with their kind. Horses have also been used in time of war for as long as it's existed, some have been know to lay flat and still against their nature to give people cover and protection.

Cover Image Credit: Clipzine

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Confessions Of A Multi-Species Pet-A-Holic



When I was a kid, my house was filled with animals. Whether it was the pets in our house, the animals in the zoo or the aquarium, or the local shelter.

I was obsessed, it was fairly (very) obvious from a young age. I had all kinds of fish growing up, raised frogs from when they were just little tadpoles, turtles, and, of course, dogs. Dogs were my favorite, although all kinds of animals have a special place in my heart.

Now, here I am, almost 22 years old and I already have three pets on my own. While I'm not trying to add any more pets into my family (right now at least — ask me again in six months), it is still so so so so hard not to get another animal.

For example, I was at a pet store and saw that the bunnies were on sale for $10, and they just looked so sad in their little cage and I know that they would be just so loved in my little home... and then my boyfriend took me away from them because he knew that I would actually get the bunnies, which would stretch my budget much thinner than it needed to be.

So, you could say I'm basically a shopaholic but for pets (and I'd much rather rescue).

My pets (Finn the dog, Kylo Ren the betta fish, and Anakin the hamster) are treated like my children, and they get everything they need and more. Especially because my mother is now the pet grandma she could ever want to be. All three are spoiled like none other and honestly deserve even more because of how wonderful they are. Anakin and Finn became close friends once Finn understood that Anakin was too small for him to play with. Kylo lives on his own and hides behind things like his emo namesake from Star Wars does with his mask.

Since I rescued my dog I followed many different pet rescue pages, and every time I see a new dog I feel the inevitable need to adopt them and give them the best life because they deserve so much more than the life they had lived. Seeing cats just makes me feel like I need to round out my group of animals with a cat, and when I see cats, sometimes we have a bond and it is just so very hard to walk away.

I love animals more than people (for the most part), and being a pet-a-holic keeps not only my life interesting but also the life of my family and friends a bit interesting as well.

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