Pets are fun, loving, loyal, and just have a way of making your life feel fulfilled, which is probably why most people want to get one if they don't already have one. Not only are there multiple pets, but there are also many different places to adopt one. Some examples are breeders, pet stores such as Petco, retired military dogs, as well as many more options, but one of the most popular, if not the most popular place to adopt an animal is through an animal shelter/humane society.

One of the upsides of shelter pets is that they are often less expensive. One of the common reasons people don't get pets is because they are worried about the cost. Now don't get me wrong, while the pet itself can be quite expensive, that is actually the cheapest part of owning the animal, so if you can save a little money on the pet at least, definitely take the opportunity. Even the shelter dogs are usually around $60 if not more, but if you look at many of the other options, you would be spending hundreds.

Also, keep in mind the variety of animals you can find at a shelter. Most of them are mutts (mixed breeds), so if you are looking for a purebred pet, an animal shelter may not be the best option, especially when considering dogs. Mixed breeds are absolute sweethearts though, and some even tend to mostly resemble one breed. They will hold animals such as rabbits, cats, dogs, and sometimes more uncommon pets such as rats/mice. There is also not only a variation in breeds but in ages as well. They will have anything from a little older than newborns to elderly animals near the end of their life, who would do best in a home with a loving family to spend their last years.

There are also, as known by many people, kill shelters. While it's an unfortunate truth, a large number of pets are lost because nobody wanted to adopt them. They are only given a certain amount of time at the shelter, and if they haven't been provided a new home by then, they will be put down due to lack of cell space or something of that kind. In other words, if more people went to an animal shelter when looking for an animal, less would end up having to die. Believe me, nobody wants to have to put down the animals. That way, not only will you be getting a loyal new family member, but you will have possibly saved its life as well.

After all of this, if you hadn't already preferred getting animals from a shelter, I'm hoping I in some way altered your view of shelters. If you're considering adopting any animals, even if you have your mind set on a breeder or something of that sort, visit an animal shelter, because whether you believe it or not, your future best friend may be waiting for you there.