I know a lot of you might be sad that summer is over, but I'm here to convince you that fall is actually the best season. I know, I know, beach weather is gone and school has started, I'm not so pleased about exams either. But there are so many great things about fall that are amazing and overpower any negatives that come with it! As soon as the temperatures started hitting the 60s, I started to feel the excitement inside me bubbling up. No more constant sweating, no more painful sunburn, just perfect crisp autumn weather all the time. Maybe I'm just a cold weather person, but I really think anyone can learn to love fall. If you're a die-hard summer-lover and fall-hater, give it a chance and you might be surprised. Bundle up, friends, it's finally fall!

1. Fall outfits

Argue with me all you want, but I personally love fall clothes more than any other season. Just think about the boots, the scarves, the hoodies, the flannels, the big comfy sweaters and so much more! During the winter, all your amazing outfits are covered by a big puffy coat, but during the fall, the temperature's just right where you can keep that big coat in your closet for a few more months. Also, if you're on the more fashionable side there are so many more options during fall! You can wear trench coats, maybe some shawls, and sweater dresses. But of course, I'm just excited for sweatshirt season.

2. Getting warm and cozy

Whoever heard of snuggling up under a blanket during the summer? Unless you crank the air conditioning all the way down, it's impossible. But as soon as it becomes fall, it's possible again! If you want to put on a hoodie and fuzzy socks and sit under a blanket with a hot cup of tea, you certainly can because it's no longer boiling hot outside.

3. Hot drinks

Iced coffee is great and all, but fall brings about the optimal season where you can start switching from your iced drinks to your hot drinks. Whether you stick to a cup of black coffee every morning or you splurge on pumpkin spice lattes whenever you can, there's just something special about a hot drink on a cold day.

4. The pretty colors

Fall is arguably the prettiest season of them all. Of course, every season has its perks, but the reds and oranges of the leaves during fall are really something different. These colors don't appear any other time of the year and it's such a nice change from the greens of spring and summer and the bare branches of winter.

5. The crisp autumn air

Everyone knows that feeling when you step out on a typical autumn day and breath in and it's almost like you can smell that it's fall. The air is just so crisp: not too cold, definitely not hot and humid, just right. It gets even better when you start to walk and you hear the leaves crunch under your shoes. Everything just falls into place and you feel more at peace.

6. Halloween

Halloween is such a fun holiday for all ages and the coming of fall tells you that it's right around the corner! You get to watch all the traditional Halloween movies of our childhood like Halloweentown and Twitches and eat all the candy you want without feeling bad. Dressing up is also one of the best parts for everyone, whether you go trick or treating on Halloween night or go to a party every night of Halloweekend.

7. Pumpkin spice... everything

Yes, pumpkin spice lattes are "basic" but they're so popular because people actually love them so much. Personally, I'm more of a normal latte type of person, but I definitely have a great appreciation for the occasional pumpkin spice latte. And it's not just lattes! There's pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin literally anything else that you can think of. You need to enjoy the pumpkin-ness while you can until fall ends and we have to wait until next year again.

8. Thanksgiving

Who doesn't love Thanksgiving food?? Thanksgiving is in a little over a month and I am more than ready for the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato, and 10 different types of pie. Of course, there's a lot more to Thanksgiving than the food. You get to spend time with your friends and family, maybe you have some Thanksgiving traditions that you do every year. Unless you're Chandler from "Friends," there's always something to look forward to.

9. The upcoming holiday season

As Thanksgiving passes, it signifies the start of nonstop Christmas music on the radio. Even though the holidays aren't technically in fall, the lead-up to the holidays is just as exciting. The days get colder, you start listening to the holiday Spotify playlists, the pretty red leaves start falling off completely, maybe it starts to snow too. Everything in this list gets amplified: you start wearing comfier and warmer clothes, you drink hot drinks more frequently, the air gets crisper. So if you really hate fall that much and I haven't been successful in convincing you, at least you have winter to look forward to! And if you just dislike cold weather altogether, don't worry spring is only 150 days away!