As of right now, "Degrassi," aka the best show that ever aired, is officially canceled. This show ran for 18 seasons, 14 on TeenNick, and four on Netflix, and that also doesn't include their earlier shows like "Degrassi Junior High" and "Degrassi High" in the 80s. It's safe to say that this show made a huge impact on many peoples lives including mine.

I in no way scratched the surface with how many issues "Degrassi" has handled, but I managed to pick 7 that meant the most to me.

1. When Emma almost became a victim of child molestation in the first two episodes.

The Pilot of "Degrassi" was a two-part episode, and it set the tone for the rest of the series. It starts out fun and light as Emma and her mom are getting ready for her moms class reunion, but as the episode takes off we learn that Emma has been talking to a boy online. Long story short she was catfished, and the man ended up being a child molester.

2. When Cam jumped off the edge of the school balcony just so he wouldn't have to play hockey.

Cam's storyline in "Degrassi" is definitely one of the hardest ones to watch. This moment actually was a catapult and gave me the first hint on what may have led for the future of his character.

3. When Jimmy gets shot.

Any OG Drake fan knows that this is where he got his start. This is one of my favorite episodes of the show because it gives viewers an insight into what can happen when they bully and torment their peers.

4. When Emma got diagnosed with an eating disorder.

This episode is amazing mainly because the actress who played Emma actually suffered from anorexia in the earlier seasons. I'm so happy that she became healthy enough to be able to portray this in her character.

5. When Adam died because he ran into a tree while he was texting and driving.

I fell in love with Adam from the very first time I saw him on the show. His character was thriving and he was about to start taking testosterone, but sadly he was being dumb and kept texting his girlfriend while he was driving the van. I was sad to see his character go.

6. When Marco came out to Spinner and his friends.

Marco was one of the first LGBTQ+ characters that I ever watched. His story helped me come to terms with my sexuality when I was first coming out. Him coming out to his friends was extremely terrifying, but it also reminds me that it's okay to lose friends if they aren't going to accept you for you.

7. When Craig was being abused by his father.

"Degrassi" rarely touches on parental abuse storylines. They did it once in season 2, with Craig, and another in seasons 13 and 14 with Miles Hollingsworth. Both storylines are extremely different, but it shows that abuse can happen in many different forms.