The Best Horror Movies And TV Shows To Check Out This Halloween

The Best Horror Movies And TV Shows To Check Out This Halloween

October is the perfect time to binge on horror!


As a fan of horror, I've had my fair share of watching the best and the worst stuff out there, but these are just some of my favorites that are perfect for the spooky month of October!

1. I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House


This Netflix original is one of my favorites. It has a very eerie vibe, yet subtle calmness to it that makes the story very interesting to take in. It centered mainly around one character who is a Hospice nurse. She finds that the home of the women she is caring for may not be the normal home she thinks it is.

2. The Haunting of Hill House


"The Haunting of Hill House" is a new series on Netflix that has been getting many great reviews. I decided to check it out for myself and could not have been more pleased. It's absolutely terrifying but has a great story to follow. Make sure you watch this one with a friend if you're not good with jump-scares. And be prepared to sleep with the lights on!

3. The Lazarus Effect


A college experiment turned wrong makes for a very enticing and scary story in "The Lazarus Effect". I recommend this one if you have an appeal for demons and possession within horror flicks!

4. As Above, So Below



Ever thought you'd see a group of adults venture into the Catacombs to find themselves in the belly of Hell? Well if you have(or even if you haven't) this is the movie for you. This is one of those found footage movies that you can actually bear to watch the whole way through.

5. Ghost Whipserer


"Ghost Whisperer" is a classic supernatural horror show that never failed to scare or impress me. I watched this series in High School and still go back to re-watch it. Jennifer Love Hewitt is amazing in this role as a medium. Be prepared for drama, horror, and whole lot of ghosts if you decide to give this one a watch.

6. Get Out


If you haven't already seen this amazing movie, go watch it. Now. It's filled with twist, turns, and surprises that won't let you take your eyes of the screen.

7. Zodiac


If you want a break from the supernatural horror, this is the perfect movie for you. Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr. play the roles of investigators and a reporter in this crime-horror. David Fincher executes this film perfectly and I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

8. The Ritual


Another great Netflix original horror movie. The friendships of four friends is put to the test in this horror story based in the woods. This film has a great build up to its strange twisted ending that will leave you shocked and terrified.

9. Jennifer's Body


"Jennifer's Body" is one of my all-time favorite comedy horror movies. There is nothing better than watching Megan Fox become a man-eating demon. You'd be surprised how amazing and interesting this movie actually is. If you're looking for a laugh topped off with a frightening, yet attractive, demon in your horror movie, give this one a watch.

10. The Twilight Zone


This classic Rod Serling horror, sci-fi series is always a good choice if you wanna kick back in bed and watch some strange, messed up, and mind-boggling stories. Each episode is a new story with a new unusual scenario.

11. Cloverfield franchise movies


"Cloverfield", "10 Cloverfield Lane", and "The Cloverfield Paradox" will most defiantly not disappoint. Each film is different in their own way, but ultimately have the same origin and basis. "Cloverfield" is a found footage film based on an alien invasion, "10 Cloverfield Lane" is a psychological horror that follows a kidnapped women unaware of the dangers that may be out in the real world if she escapes, and "The Cloverfield Paradox" is a film following a group of astronauts that come across a major problem on their ship, which ends up leading to even bigger, weirder problems. If any of that sounds interesting to you, then these films are for you. I recommend starting from the beginning, but ultimately it will not affect any of the storylines.

12. The Blair Witch Project

Another great found footage film. "The Blair Witch Project" will keep you on edge and waiting for the next scary scene to come. It's the first film in the series before, "The Blair Witch", which is also a great movie, and even more horrifying than the first. Give both of these a watch if you think your ready for what these stories follow.

13. Poltergiest


And last, but not least, "Poltergeist", another one of my top favorites. This film is a great adaptation of a modern-day paranormal experience following a family. It starts off slow and eerie and transitions into some alarmingly scary stuff, so this is another one you might want to watch with a friend.

There you have it. Some of the best horror movies I've watched! But if that wasn't enough, I highly recommend checking out Rotten Tomatoes, "150 Best Horror Movies". You'll find some amazing classics that are well worth that watch! Happy horror binging!

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Everything You Thought You Knew About Pentagrams is Wrong

Pentagrams and Jesus have more in common than you might think...

Halloween may have just passed but horror movies are more popular than ever. Thus you more than likely have seen quite a few pentagrams. The pentagram has become heavily associated with the devil and evil practices. However, the pentagram (or pentacle) actually has no relation to the devil at all.

The pentagram is an incredibly common symbol in many different religions, including Christianity.

The pentagram is a common pagan/Wicca symbol. However, the earliest use of the pentagram was actually not from pagans, but from ancient Sumeria. In 6th century BCE, the symbol was used to represent the human body. In the physical form (head, arms, and legs) seen below, and elemental form (earth, air, fire, soul, and water).

The pentagram was also used in Judaism, representing the 5 books of the Torah.

Even in early Christianity, the pentagram was used to represent Christ’s five wounds. Christians thought the pentagram was actually protective, and it was a more common symbol of Christianity than the cross in early times. It was worn on amulets and jewelry. The pentagram actually symbolized Christ himself.

Some LDS churches still have pentagrams on the outside of them, and often receive a lot of backlash because of it.

"Christian Kabbalists of the renaissance were especially enamored of the pentagram, which they viewed as a mystical proof of the divinity of Christ – to them, it symbolized Christ as the Holy Spirit manifest in the flesh."

Simply put, the pentagram was used in a multitude of religions and beliefs.

The symbol started getting bad connotation in the 14th and 15th century, mainly because of the rise of occult practices (study of astrology, magic, alchemy, etc.) that used Judeo-Christian symbolism and beliefs. They used many symbols from Paganism and Gnostic religions, including the pentagram. The Christian church would (surprise surprise) accuse the practices of heresy. So naturally, anything associated with the occult practices became associated with heresy. Even though the pentagram was once a very common Christian symbol, the witch hunt craze in the Victorian times caused the symbol to the associated with paganism, witchcraft, and Satan.

In the 20th century, Hollywood adopts the pentagram as a symbol for evil and devil worship. The symbol creates quite a good shock value, so it’s put into almost every horror movie imaginable.

"For most of human history the pentagram has symbolized good things – the heavens, stars, health, scriptures, truth, and even the Savior, Jesus Christ . The adaptation of the pentagram into a Satanic symbol is a modern invention, another attempt of the Adversary to turn everything that is good into evil ( Isaiah 5:20)." Temple Study

The pentagram has no historical ties to evil or “Satan-worshipping”, and was simply given a bad name due to Hollywood and the emergence of the “Church of Satan”, who used the upside down pentagram with a goat head to symbolize their church (seen below) The “Church of Satan”, however, does not worship the devil or any evil presence (or believe in doing evil), they’re just atheists.

(Note: There is a multitude of backstories and origins to the pentagram. This article mainly talks about its ties to Christianity and Paganism in early times.)


Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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The Holiday Season In Disney Described By These 6 Gifs

Holidays in Disney are a little different in Disney compared to everyone else..


If you're anything like me and know way too much about Disney or just love it, you'll know that the holidays in Disney tend to be a little different then in other places.

1. It's late August and Fall decorations begin to enter the parks.

It's only late August and it is still in the 90s in Florida but everyone is excited because all of the Fall decorations are entering the park and Halloween parties are about to start!

2. Don't worry. It's October now, Fall is actually starting.

It's finally Fall, which means all of the country is excited for PSL at Starbucks. While everyone at Disney has already been enjoying all the Fall food and drink specials for weeks now.

3. It's not even October 31st and it feels like Disney has been celebrating Halloween for 3 years now.

Halloween and Fall have been celebrated in Disney for so long. We aren't sure if we missed it or if it has even happened at all yet.

4. It's October 31st, which means it's finally Halloween for real this time.

We finally made it to Halloween after celebrating it for almost 2 months! Yay, good job Disney!

5. November 1st can only mean one thing. Christmas is starting now.

It's officially Christmas in Disney! Now we get to celebrate Christmas for the next 2 months! Hold on to your Santa hats everyone.

6. If you're wondering, Thanksgiving is the forgotten Holiday.

No Thanksgiving celebrations in Disney! Just Halloween and Christmas, sorry to all of the Thanksgiving lovers out there.

If you're anything like me and love Disney, the holidays tend to be a little different there. Disney does Halloween and Christmas right every year, but sometimes we just want to celebrate those holidays one day out of the year instead of 2 months each.

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