9 Upcoming Country Artists That Y'all NEED To Know About
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9 Upcoming Country Artists That Y'all NEED To Know About

Country music is slowly fading away from genuine country music, but these are NEW artists that are real country.

9 Upcoming Country Artists That Y'all NEED To Know About

You can find these amazing artists on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, along with other social media platforms.

1. Muscadine Bloodline

This band is so much fun to see live! I've seen them 10 times, shhh! They even took my phone on stage one time and took a Snapchat video!!! My favorite song by them is definitely "Southern Boy Cure"! Go check them out on social media and all the other music platforms!

2. Faren Rachels

This girl is absolutely amazing! I have seen her a handful of times, and she is SUPER sweet! I tweeted her one time and told her I was too broke to attend her concert (broke college kid prob) and she tweeted me back saying she had FREE tickets waiting on me at the door!!! She even let us meet her afterward! My favorite song of hers would definitely have to be "On Paper," which was just released!! Go check it out!

3. Jordan Fletcher

This guy has some AMAZING music and puts on one hell of an acoustic set!!! He opened for both Riley Green and Muscadine Bloodline when I saw him! He has an amazing song called "My Whole World" which you definitely need to check out, along with the rest of his music!!!

4. Ashley McBryde

This girl is a COMPLETE badass! I seen her open for Luke Combs in Savannah, GA!!! I have so many "favorites" when it comes to her music, but my ALL time favorite would definitely have to be "Tired of Being Happy" and this girl is SO good! You'll regret not checking her out.

5. Jon Langston

This is the ONLY person on this list that I have NOT seen live, but it is definitely a task on my bucket list!!! My favorite song of his is BY FAR "Forever Girl" because it has such a strong meaning to it and the lyrics just completely tell a story. All of his music is so good, so go check him out!

6. Drew Parker

I've only seen Drew Parker play live once, sadly. He was really, really good and even took a picture with me and a friend after the concert! He has such a fun personality and all of his songs are so good that I know every word. My favorite would have to be "California Ain't For Ya" Go find his music and give it a listen!

7. Riley Green

Goodness gracious, not only is this man's music good, but let's talk about his looks too... He has the best of both worlds! I saw him play in Auburn for the first time not too long ago! He put on one hell of a show, and it was an acoustic set, which is even better! It was a really good time! He even sang "Colt 45" for us by Afroman which was intertwined with a fun, pop medley that he performed! Go check out my favorite song by him, which is "When She Come's Home Tonight" and you will forever love Riley Green!

8. Jobe Fortner

I have seen this guy open a ton of times for both Luke Combs and Muscadine Bloodline, and he is fantastic! He has the absolute voice of an angel, and the looks of one too! His song, "If I Were You" is so good and definitely my favorite! It's a song a lot of people can probably relate to! Go give it a listen!

9. Cody Johnson

THIS MAN HAS TWO SONGS THAT ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! If you haven't heard "On My Way to You" or "With You I Am" then you HAVE to go listen to them. You will forever be thanking me! They are so amazing and so is he!!!

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