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Netflix makes me sane in the midst of 12 hour study days during midterm season. Also, it makes me sane pretty much every other day too. Netflix is great about keeping around some of the best shows, ranging from murder mysteries to cheesy dramas. Here are some of the best shows on Netflix that have been around for years.

1. Dexter


This show is completely underrated. If you like shows about serial killers, "Dexter" is for you.

2. Pretty Little Liars


This one is super cheesy, but gets really intense.

3. Grey's Anatomy


This show has been around forever, and it still going strong. If you want to cry a lot and then change your career path to medicine, this show is for you.

4. One Tree Hill


Okay, this one isn't on Netflix anymore, but when it was, it was my favorite show to binge-watch. It's so old, it got taken off Netflix. It's on Hulu though!

5. The Office


If you haven't seen this show, you're doing life wrong. Truly an oldie but a goodie.

6. Criminal Minds


This show makes you think you can spot a serial killer from a mile away. This one is a little newer, but still has been around for many many seasons.

7. Breaking Bad


This is a show that makes you never want to do meth, and it's also very entertaining.

Enjoy your binge-watching!

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