We all have those guilty pleasures but especially when it comes to movies. We have all had those times when we just want to chill out and have a good cry, here is a list of those movies that will make you smile, laugh, and cry.

Hopeless Romantic: Love Actually

This is the movie for the one who loves love. The one who listens to love songs smiles at couples holding hands on the sidewalk, and dreams of their future partner. Whoever it is will be lucky because these romantics are the best at loving their love.

Realistic Romantic: Bridget Jones's Diary

This is the movie for the one who loves love but knows it doesn't always work out. Not every love story ends with a happy ending and not every Prince Charming is truly, well... charming.

Non-Romantic Romantic: Begin Again

This is the movie for the one who doesn't think of love in a typical way. Sometimes love is quirky, unrequited, and hard; love is definitely not perfect, though. Sometimes hard times are how we find who we really love.

Reckless Romantic: Endless Love

This is the movie for the one who throws all their energy and love into a relationship. Someone who rides the roller coaster of love and has felt the bumps along the way. Regardless of the heartbreak, they still believe in love.

Tender Romantic: P.S. I Love You

This is the movie for the one who knows love is more than just one thing. It's trust, loyalty, and understanding. It's a deep connection to another person. No matter what happens between you two, you know they will never leave you because you two are one.

Complicated Romantic: Love, Rosie

This is the movie for the one who understands how complicated love can be. Loving each other can be hard when you are chasing your dreams and becoming who you are. Yet, love is strong and is what brings your divided worlds together.

Young Romantic: Flipped

This is the movie for the one who hasn't ever experienced love until now. First love is like no other love and it should be cherished. You experience everything for the first time together. No one ever forgets their first love.