The Best Moments Of "The Walking Dead," Season Six
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The Best Moments Of "The Walking Dead," Season Six

WARNING: spoilers ahead

The Best Moments Of "The Walking Dead," Season Six

It’s only been two weeks since “the Walking Dead” season six mid-season finale, but I still find myself thinking the season is still running. February seems like a lifetime away, but hopefully, this time will pass quickly. The first half of season six was intense, but of all the action going on, these were my six favorite moments from the season so far.

Glenn is alive.

After keeping us on the edge of our seat for three weeks, episode seven (“Heads Up”) finally revealed what we were all hoping to be true: Glenn is alive. This was probably one of the most suspenseful moments in Walking Dead history, and the only time a main character’s death was questioned. All I’ve got to say is that was some amazing camera work and special effects.

Morgan’s backstory

Ever since we first saw Morgan make his comeback on the show at the beginning of season five, we’ve all been wondering what happened to make him change from the mentally unstable man we saw in “Clear” (season three, episode 12). Watching Morgan wander around as a killing maniac, then transform into a peaceful guy, revert to his old ways and then back into a peacekeeper all in one episode was amazing. Even the short life of the character Eastman was great; he was such a unique character and didn’t follow the typical "Walking Dead" story-line. Watching someone live with plenty of access to power, food and safety was different than anything we’ve seen so far in the show.

Redirecting the herd.

We’ve seen some pretty amazing maneuvers from the group so far. From covering themselves in zombie guts to escape a herd (the first time) to battling a death-fated illness while camping out in a prison, the show never ceases to amaze. Redirecting the herd in the quarry had to be the most complex scenario so far. To be around that many walkers without getting bit is a feat in itself, but to move them to another area completely is another level of crazy. Kudos to Rick, even though his plan partially failed (thanks to the Wolves).

The Wolves

Almost every season, The Walking Dead has introduced us to a new person or group that was more crazier than the last. From the Governor to Terminus, I thought the gang had faced it all. As the Wolves were slowly introduced, it become apparent that this group of people was another kind of crazy. Even though their true motives aren’t quite clear, setting booby-traps of walkers and mercilessly killing a community of people is like nothing we’ve seen so far. I have to admit, it was awesome seeing Carol spring into action again after watching her play house for the past half-season.

Alexandrians learn what it means to survive

Since Rick and the gang first stepped foot into Alexandria, they’ve been trying to show the innocent residents of the safe community what the world is like now. It’s been frustrating watching the Alexandrians refuse to learn how to protect themselves, and I breathed a sigh of relief when some of them finally accepted that they need to learn to fight.


Whether you read the comics or not, you’ve probably heard whispers about Negan before. Let me tell you, he is way worse than the governor. If you didn’t catch it, in “Always Accountable” (episode six) Wade tells the blonde guy to return what he took–Tina and Honey. We didn’t know then, but Wade was sent by Negan to take back the two girls, who were Negan’s playmates. In the comics, Negan mercilessly kills Glenn with a huge barbwire baseball bat and poses a huge threat against Alexandria. Hopefully this new actor will do this new villain justice.

Honorable mention: Maggie is pregnant.

I love Maggie and Glenn. It’s going to be exciting to see how Maggie juggles a baby and all the danger going on around them. Even though an apocalypse-pregnancy brings on all kinds of dangers, Maggie is a stronger survivor than Lori was, and the group has become so much more wiser since the last pregnancy. If Judith has survived the Governor’s multiple attacks, escaping the prison, crazy Lizzie, Terminus, the Wolves and now (hopefully) the Alexandria walker-flood, I’m sure Maggie and Glenn’s child will be equally as safe. Hopefully Denise will escape the Wolf and be there for the delivery.

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