What are the best song lyrics?

10 Of The Best Lyrics I've Ever Heard

And I've listened to a lot of music in my lifetime.


So I'm not the only one who writes down lyrics in the notes of their phone, right? A lot of people do this and if you don't you should, but since I have these amazing lyrics just sitting there I decided why not share some of them with you and why I like them so much and hope you'll check out the songs too.

1. "And when she stood, she stood tall" from 'Slow It Down' by The Lumineers

Besides the fact that I'm a very tall gal, this song lyric has always been a favorite of mine because I want to be that girl who is confident always and never backs down.

2. "I don't have a choice, but I'd still choose you" from 'Poison & Wine' by The Civil Wars

I just like that although this person feels tethered to this relationship, there is absolutely no one else that they'd rather be with. It's kind of cool and *ew* romantic.

3. "Come look into the music and you won't feel pain"- from 'Woodstock' by Jon Bellion

Music has always been my most sought-after escape. So, yeah, I freaking FELT THAT.

4. "Go figure out your desire" from 'Stand By Your Gun' by George Ezra

Basically, the whole song is about not learning from your mistakes and I think it's quite fitting to my life. Go figure out what you want and do that before you regret not doing it.

5. "I just look in your eyes, they tell me everything" from 'Love Again' by Gibbz

I like this line a lot because I kind of have a problem concealing my emotions. I really am so terrible at hiding them because they're written all over my face.

6. "I care for myself the way I used to care about you" from 'Hard Feelings/LOVELESS' by Lorde


7. "Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you" from 'New Year's Day' by Taylor Swift

Your memories stick with you even if the people go away. They're there to comfort you and guide you.

8. "When you swallow someone whole you are bound to choke" from 'Tiger Teeth' by Walk the Moon

They also say "I ate you up the day we first spoke." I think that this song is about putting your all into a relationship and not really getting anything out of it, then trying to go back to that person after knowing they're not good for you. Could apply to any type of relationship honestly.

9. "But people change, thank God I did" from 'East Northumberland High' by Miley Cyrus

Come on people, how do you not love this lyric. It's been 11 years and I still listen to this song on a regular basis.

10. "I am the one thing in life I can control" from 'Wait For It' on the Hamilton soundtrack

We can't control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it. This should've been an obvious thing to me, but when I really thought about this line it blew my mind. Every decision we make is our own to make, but after that who knows what will happen. LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA IS A GENIUS.

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

An ode to the little girl raised to be insecure.


They raise little girls to be insecure

Little girls grow to be big girls

People always ask big girls why they're so insecure

Big girls aren't quite sure

Day after day the big girl can't keep up

She's exhausted

Her soul feels worn

The big girl learns to grow hard

In a way, she's a bit stronger

People call her a bitch


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Hoping that one day

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