These 20 Latina Artists Will Upgrade Your Summer Playlist
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Latin America is one of the most diverse, beautiful regions in the world and Latin music is growing in international popularity. When asked to think of a Latina singer, the big names may come to mind, Shakira, J Lo, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez. But there are so many others that are putting out amazing content worth listening to.

So if you're looking to spice up your summer playlist with some talented women, look no further! Here's an amazing Latina artist from almost every Latin American country.

1. Brazil - IZA

The music of Iza embodies the modern spirit of Brazil - a contemporary vibe with influences from pop and hip hop.

2. Mexico - Girl Ultra

It's impossible to deny that Mexico is incredibly diverse and its women are talented. Girl Ultra is one - an R&B artist from Mexico City. Her music is growing an elegant, distinctly Mexican limb onto the R&B family tree.

3. Colombia - Lido Pimienta

Colombia has so many powerful female singers: Shakira, Kali Uchis, Ventino, Elsa y Elmar, Bomba Estereo, Karol G. It's hard to pick just one to showcase, but you can't deny Lido Pimienta's power. The Polaris Prize-winning artist contrasts emotions with steel drums and electro-infused rhythms drawing from reggaeton, cumbia, and porro.

4. Argentina - Nathy Peluso

While Argentina is overflowing with talented female artists (think Cazzu), Peluso is really incomparable stylistically, with a mesh of R&B, hip-hop, trap, and more. She even has a song where she raps about her love for pizza. Relatable. Undeniably, la sandunguera tiene un sazón peculiar.

5. Peru - Renata Flores Rivera

Renata breaks barriers by singing in Quecha, an official language of Peru and the second most-spoken in the country after Spanish, but still stigmatized. She produces a truly unique sound and often sings about social issues, such as femicides and education.

6. Venezuela - Nella

Nella was born in the beach town of Porlamar, on the Island of Margarita, the largest Venezuelan island in the Caribbean. She has used her beautiful voice to create songs of unity and love.

7. Chile - Mon Laferte

While there is no shortage of talented females coming out of Chile (Ana Tijoux, Paloma Mami, to name a few), Mon Laferte is currently the most played Chilean artist on Spotify worldwide. She is also the Chilean artist with the most nominations in a single edition of the Latin Grammy Awards.

8. Guatemala - Rebeca Lane

From Guatemala City, Lane raps about her experience in a female body and the struggle of women against sexism. She also speaks out about problems in Guatemalan society such as the consequences of war and the lack of justice.

9. Ecuador - Dome Palma

It seems that Ecuador's female songwriter scene has been awakening. Dome is an open-minded composer and a charismatic performer.

10. Bolivia - Imilla MC

Imilla delivers sociopolitical rhymes about female empowerment.

11. Cuba - Eme Alfonso

Eme Alfonso, Cuban singer-songwriter, combines electronic sounds, world percussion and Afro-Cuban legends.

12. La Republica Dominicana - Nikola

Nicole Santiago, or Nikola, pays attention to her island roots, honoring both Haitian and Dominican traditions.

13. Honduras - Empress Of

Lorely Rodriguez is a rising star in the indie music world. Her bilingual lyrics are in service to one of her biggest influences: her mom.

14. Paraguay - Nadia Portillo

Nadia, born in Capiata, sings cumbia and pop.

15. Nicaragua - Manifiesto Urbano

A group of singers that tries to put their Nicaraguan identity into each song.

16. El Salvador - YEiLY

Yeily's songs are truly effervescent tropical pop.

17. Costa Rica - Las Robertas

This female-fronted psych rock band is going to be your new favorite if you're into groups like HAIM.

18. Panama - Anyuri

Panama's rising female voice in reggae, Anyuri has released several girl power jams. She's a mujer who owns her sexuality.

19. Uruguay - Alfonsina

Uruguayan singer-songwriter Alfonsina makes music that is enchanting.

20. Puerto Rico - iLe

iLe is no stranger to the music scene, having been a part of her brother's group, Calle 13, for a number of years. Now releasing solo music, she can showcase her powerful voice and artistic vision.

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