Indie music is a genre that is very hard to define, but it is something you can recognize when you hear it. Indie can bring a variety of sounds to the table from acoustic to electronic, but it all has a bit of an obscure feel. Many people flock to indie music because it feels genuine - it isn't about selling the most records but for making the best music. When all your favorite pop stars become sellouts, indie bands are there to take you back to the meaning of music. These five bands bring art to the world that everyone can appreciate.

1. Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus has been on the scene since 2013, making great music with very versatile sounds. The members all met at a performing arts school, so you know they are a talented bunch. Their 2016 album "Landmark" has upbeat hits like "Way It Goes" and beautiful slow jams like "Epitaph." Listen to them here.

2. Bronze Radio Return

If you've ever seen Bronze Radio Return, you know they have an incredible presence, and lead singer Chris Henderson has a voice that you will not forget. They've stolen the show at multiple music festivals including Lollapalooza. You've probably heard their song "Shake, Shake, Shake." Listen to them here.

3. Colony House

Colony House, whose name is inspired by the complex where they lived in Tennessee, makes light, often inspiring music, inspired by great alternative artists like Cold War Kids. The band's vibes contain a great range, with their song "3:20" breaking the mold of what you expect their music to be. Listen to them here.

4. Local Natives

What L.A. native band Local Natives brings to the table is music that makes you feel alive. No matter how old you are, songs like "Villainy" and "Black Balloons" capture the essence of youth in their sound. Local Natives creates a new genre with every album, keeping their music fresh and exciting. Listen to them here.

5. Vinyl Theatre

Vinyl Theatre is one of the most talented trio acts out there. They are signed to the same record label as big names like Panic! at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots, and they bring the talent to match them. Check out my personal favorite track "30 Seconds," a song you will soon be singing at the top of your lungs. Listen to them here.