5 Hair Products That Will Work Wonders On Your Locks

Caring for your hair can be a difficult task, especially if you get it colored, use heat tools, or simply haven't found your holy grail hair product. If you are sick and tired of dull, dry, and damaged hair or if you simply want to accentuate your natural style without breaking the bank, consider getting your hands on these magical products so that hair maintenance can become the least of your worries.

​1. For dry hair.

If your hair needs some moisture ASAP, look no further than It's a 10's miracle leave-in product. This conditioner spray reintroduces moisture to your dry hair while adding shine and preventing frizz. The formula contains sunflower seed extract, green tea leaf extract, and panthenol which strengthens, provides sun and fade protection and antioxidants to your hair. The miracle leave-in product should be applied to wet or dry hair via the palms of your hands starting at the tips. It's a 10 miracle leave-in product retails for $18.99 at Ulta.

2. For curly hair.

If you want to accentuate your natural curls, do so with MOROCCANOIL'S Curl Defining Cream. This product is specifically designed to define your natural curls while preventing frizziness and adding shine. One to two pumps of the Curl Defining Cream should be applied to damp hair before you style it or let it air dry for a more natural finish. The formula contains protein to condition and argan oil which helps to condition and detangle hair without changing the natural bounce of your curls. The Curl Defining Cream retails for $13 at Sephora locations and on Amazon.

​3. For more volume.

If you are constantly craving a thicker head of hair, TRESemmeé's between washes volumizing dry shampoo will give you the style and volume you desire. This dry shampoo is meant to be sprayed onto the roots of the hair in sections, where oils accumulate the most and brushed through to the tips in order to remove oils and volumize hair before or when it is already styled. This affordable product is a great option if you regularly need dry shampoo due to its rejuvenating powers that leave your hair volumized without any residue. TRESemmeeé's volumizing dry shampoo can be found at your local Target retailing for $4.99.

​4. For dyed hair. 

If you have color-treated hair and want to maintain your desired color hue, consider the REDKEN color extend shampoo and conditioners. Since no one color extending product fits every haircare need, REDKEN offers variations of this product which correlate to specific hair colors, making the perfect set of products easier to find. The REDKEN color extend line provides products for brown colored hair, highlighted hair and gray-toned hair. The color extend products can be found at Ulta and range from $6.60 to $40 depending on the ounces in each bottle size and specific formula needed. If you want to protect your colored hair, consider REDKEN's many options to maintain your hair's health and to preserve the color treatment you desire.

​5. Heat protectant. 

If you are constantly styling your hair with hot tools, you should be applying a heat protectant in order to prevent damage and split ends. An affordable heat protectant spray that has many uses is Not Your Mother's All Eyes On Me 10-IN-1-HAIR that retails for $6.99 at Ulta or your local Target. This product should be applied to damp hair and brushed from the roots to the tips in order to successfully make use of all the benefits. This spray's key benefits besides being a heat protectant include sealing the hair cuticle, mending split ends, detangling hair, controlling frizz and adding shine.

When choosing a hair care product, it is important to consider your natural texture, your styling preferences and the current health condition of your hair. It is important to use hair care products in a consistent and reasonable manner in order to achieve your desired results ASAP.

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