Life works in many mysterious ways. One day you can have it all, and the other you have nothing. One day you can have nothing, and the other day you have everything. It's so mysteriously amazing that somebody just now ran into their favorite actress in their local grocery shop. This is what I like to call the little gifts of life.


These little gifts can range from a random dog running to be pet by you, being grazed by a calming, soothing gust of wind, eating a donut. They're those small details we sometimes can take for granted. Sometimes, even people happen to come into our lives, and we never realize just how lucky we are for knowing those certain people

About eight months ago, I was going through some rough times. I was not entirely happy with myself or anything. Nothing that I did was pleasant in any way possible. I felt like a human rag doll, devoid of emotions – just being thrown around, waiting to see what was in stock for me.

But on a Saturday afternoon, a day I can remember as well as my own name, I happened to meet this boy. I never noticed it until a couple months, but whenever he happened to be around, I would feel this small spark breaking in me. Flashforward eight months later, that small spark transformed into the power of the burning Sun.

Many people claim that we shouldn't rely our happiness on other people, for most of them come and go. Some just come and fill you up with promises but then wonder why you cry. Others come and they offer you a support you never asked for, and the next day they turn their back. There are those that betray us. We can't rely on humans because we have learned to not trust other people.

But they are just biases, and biases don't apply to everybody. They are general assumptions of others that make us lack that trust. And most of the time, a person just randomly appears and changes your entire perspective of the world – your perspective on life and in those moments the fall is inevitable.

It's impossible to hide a feeling when it is so obvious to the entire world. It's hard to hide it when you're wrapped in a cocoon full of warmth. It's hard to abide by their rules. And it's best when you break them.

Eight months after that fateful Saturday afternoon and the entire world has been way different.

The thunderous clouds have dissipated.

The blue sky shines bluer and brighter every day.

And the entire world just seems to be so full of light.