These Purchases I Made In College Were Totally Worth The Money
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Even Though I'm A Minimalist, I'll Never Regret Buying These 5 Things In College

There are some material things that aren't that necessary... until you buy them.


When I was 16 I discovered the concept of minimalism and it changed my life. I removed 70% of my material possessions and I haven't looked back. I believe that living with fewer items sapping time and energy is key to having a peaceful and happy lifestyle. That being said, in the past few years I made a few purchases that have truly bettered my life. Are they essential to my life? Not necessarily. Are they beautiful or fun or sentimental? No, not really. These items are worth the money because they are useful and streamline daily tasks and make life easier.

1. Polarized Sunglasses


As much as I wish I didn't, I have sensitive eyes. You can catch me squinting in virtually any situation that includes natural lighting. I wear sunglasses a lot, and I never thought about buying polarized lenses until recently. If you don't know what polarized sunglasses are, you're missing out. Regular sunglasses reduce the brightness of light coming from all directions. When the lenses are "polarized", it means that they've been treated with a special coating that blocks out horizontal light, significantly reducing glare. I bought my first pair of polarized sunglasses to reduce glare from the ocean when I started working at the beach. Not to be dramatic, but it changed my life forever. Though polarized sunglasses cost more than your average pair from Target, they are absolutely worth the investment.

2. Car Seat Covers


I bought my car four years ago and bought seat covers shortly afterward. They were $35 from Amazon and came with everything: seat and headrest cover, a steering wheel cover, floor mats, and even cushioned seat belt covers (very extra, I know). Just this year I replaced the covers, and though I've always vacuumed my car regularly, the seat covers were darkened by years of dirt. Knowing my seats were protected from mud, dust, spilled drinks, and other horrors (worse if I were an Uber driver!) made the purchase worth its weight in gold.

3. Wireless Computer Mouse


I hesitated for a while on purchasing this one, because, well, I always hesitate when I want to buy something that isn't absolutely necessary to my life. "My trackpad works fine, why do I need to spend money on another gadget to make my computing experience .05% easier?" I thought to myself. When I finally made the audacious leap to buy a $7.99 mouse, I never looked back. Using a mouse is about 10 million times faster and more efficient than using a trackpad. I'd recommend it to anyone using a laptop for work or school. Seriously, it's that important.

4. Lap Desk


Full disclosure: I didn't purchase this one, it was a gift. (Thanks Grandma!) But it has been life-changing regardless. Seriously. Do you ever do your homework on a bed or couch? Do you hate when your pencils and other items roll towards where you're sitting and you inevitably lose things? (cue infomercial gifs of people failing at simple tasks) Well, with a lap desk, you don't need to! It's easier than ever to get work done in alternative seating areas. And it can be YOURS for $17.32 plus shipping and handling!

5. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Okay folks, if you've made it this far in my list than here's a pat on the back. Don't you have something more important to be wasting time on? No? Me neither. So let's cut to the chase, because this one is especially close to my heart (in my ears, actually). Bluetooth headphones will quite literally change your entire music/audiobook/podcast listening experience, and make multitasking while on the phone a breeze. They aren't incredibly expensive, and one charge lasts me over a week of regular use. If you are still using regular wired headphones, I feel bad for you. What's it like to walk by a drawer handle or door knob and have the music literally ripped out of your ears? I can't relate, because I now life a free life unencumbered by headphone jacks, dongles, and wire tangles.

I still consider myself a minimalist, and I still strive to have only material possessions that truly benefit my life. Even if you aren't particularly on the "pursuit of less stuff" train, I hope that some of these items improve your college experience as much as they did mine.

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