I am doing great without you! In fact, I am doing better than I was when we were friends. You see now that you have officially exited out of my life I cannot help but feel relieved.

Don't get me wrong, our friendship started out great, if not amazing. Whether we connected through high school, or college, etc. every bond with the few of you that thought I was not good enough to remain in your life, started out fiery and bright.

We used to hang out weekly, if not spending every free second together.

We would share stories and give each other advice on how to go about our life situations. Whether it be with boys, school, or work, we were always there for each other.

This article is here to explain to you that I do not miss you. Because although our friendship started out on a positive note; soon our bond was broken due to unfortunate circumstances, or of course for absolutely no reason at all.

I was constantly there to support you no matter the circumstances, or regardless of how irrational you were thinking.

I was there during heartbreak and agony. I was there during the nights you thought you were not going to make it. It is a tragedy, really all that I did for you; when in reality you could care less about me. You quickly started talking behind my back, guilt tripping me, blaming me, gaslighting me, making fun of my passions and goals, creating a toxic environment for me, etc.

This article, of course, is not about one specific person; it is about many. So, for some of you, none of the toxic characteristics relate to you all. Some of you ghosted me after five years of friendship, others just recently removed themselves from my life. Whether this is on purpose or accidental, you know now that you are no longer allowed to hurt me.

Moving in from the matter, I have never been better.

This is due to my new-found self-love and my supportive REAL friends around me. I am succeeding with my academics, increasing work ethic, relationships that have and will continue, regardless of what you say.

You will no longer be able to make me feel less worthy than I am.

Unbelievable, I know that I am unwilling to be put down for others enjoyment, and plan to change on an extreme level. I deserve happiness and I am finally blocking you officially out of my life, like some of you thought you have already.