Dear Bestfriend,

We've always talked about the future how one day you would find your prince charming and get married. Little did we know that person would be the boy you first started dating in eighth grade, it was around then right?

It's crazy how far you two have come, but then again everyone knew you two were end game from the start.

We have dreamed about the day one of us would get married all the fun things the future held, who knew it would come so fast? I can't believe that in less than six months I get to stand beside you as your bridesmaid, and witness you saying "I DO" to the man of your dreams.

I'm so happy that you found the guy who truly makes your heart and soul happy. I seriously could not imagine a better guy for you. Just by the way you light up when you're around him, the smile when a message from him pops up onto your phone, or how excited you are when you talk about your future together. I can't wait for your dream to become a reality.

However, as you prepare for your big day, just remember to take it slow. Have fun with all of the planning and the big day itself, and if you need help with any of it I'm only a text or less away.

Take in every kind word, congratulations, the emotions, the smell of the flowers, and most importantly the love that is all around you. It's going to be crazy, but an immensely happy day, don't sweat the small stuff and get caught in the whirlwind of a schedule; instead, appreciate and enjoy every single special moment.

Love Always,


P.S. You're gonna break some necks in that wedding dress when you walk down the aisle.