The Five Best Episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Five Best Episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The iconic FX show is now entering its 13th season.

The iconic FX show is now entering its thirteenth season and has followed a group of friends consisting of Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton), Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), and Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito). Commonly referring to themselves as "the gang", the five own a run-down bar in Philadelphia called Paddy's Pub and regularly develop schemes and plans that generally end in disaster. Ahead are the five that went completely off the rails so of course, they're the funniest.

5. The Gang Beats Boggs (Season Ten, Episode One)

In this episode, the gang tries to beat the beer drinking record of Wade Boggs who drank 70 beers on a transatlantic flight and of course, everything goes off the rails. Frank and Dennis attempt to join the mile high club by banging college girls, Charlie needs subtitles for every time he speaks, Dee passes out, and Mac commissions the whole thing. I won’t spoil whether or not someone beats it but let’s just say there’s no way the gang has any chance of remembering that flight.

4. The Gang Gets Analyzed (Season Eight, Episode 5)

As the seasons wear on, you start to become used to the gang’s antics and might even begin to think they’re kind of normal. This episode, however, reminds you of how really messed up each of them are and it's absolutely brilliant. It starts with them going to therapy to see who should do the dishes and ends with Charlie dropping a dead pigeon on the table in front of the therapist to make a point. It's brilliant writing that really delves into the psyches of the gang.

3. The D.E.N.N.I.S System (Season 5, Episode 10)

Dennis might be a sociopath, but he attempts to be helpful by showing Mac, Frank, and Charlie how he’s so successful with the ladies. Hilarity ensues as Mac and Charlie wildly misinterpret the system and end up ruining every date they attempt to go on. Frank forgoes Dennis’s advice entirely and just carries around 100 dollar bills and magnum condoms for his “magnum dong”.

2. Chardee Macdennis: The Game of Games (Season 7, Episode 7)

Combine drinking, complicated board game rules, and Dennis getting his hand stabbed with a dart and you have an epic game that could only happen on It’s Always Sunny. The episode relies entirely on the craziness of its characters and makes them do the most ridiculous things. You need to see this episode to believe its real.

The Nightman Cometh (Season 4, Episode 13)

Hands down one of the best episodes of any TV show ever. Charlie writes a musical about his famed character “the nightman” who molests little boys. It sounds horrible and twisted but with the gang singing the songs and Charlie proposing to his long-time crush at the end, you’ll be in stitches. This was the episode that took It’s Always Sunny from a cult favorite to a staple of sitcom comedy. If you don't watch any other episode, please make sure to at least watch this one.

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To That Guy

"You are my Love from the Star and I was your love sent from Above"


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          I was scared the moment you left my side that day, but it was the scariest when you ask me to be yours and have this thing we called “Long Distance Relationship”. I don’t know what to say or to react that time, I was speechless but part of me was happy, I mean, isn’t that the best feeling in the whole world? When a guy came into your life and accepted the whole of you? Being with you was indeed a ride of a roller coaster. We’ve got our ups and downs, fights and arguments and sweet and bitter love just what like normal couples do. I always told you how blessed I am to meet someone like you. You are my love from the star and I was your love sent from above. We always make God as the center of our relationship. And you always say, “for this relationship to work we just need to be honest and be loyal to each other.” For a moment there, I thought “us” would actually work until the end.

         It’s been how many months since we had our last conversations as a couple right? I know I’ve been really busy this past few days and it’s been a tough fight between the two of us. We tried and fought for the love we thought we had, but things just don’t end the way we expected it to be. I am not writing this to tell everybody the whole story of us instead, I am writing this because for those months that we’ve been together I’ve kept you a secret from everyone. You may call this too late, but I am here now to show the world how great of a guy are you and how thankful I am.

          You are the most effort guy I had ever encountered. Imagine? Sending me those stuffs every month just to remind me that I am loved was the best part of you. Writing a book for me was the most incredible thing you ever did and going home just to see me was the perfect. But I lost all of that. We may lose the relationship we had but I want to thank you for saving our friendship. Can ex-lovers be friends? We’ll see.

          This last gift you sent hit me hard. Your note says “I know you will see a lot of girls holding flowers, chocolates and bears everywhere and I am not there for you to experience it, so I’m sending this instead. I just want to say sorry and thank you. Sorry for the pain I’ve caused and thank you for everything. Moments with you was irreplaceable. I know that how happy we are right now, you and I will always carry a piece of each other, let it be known that we found home in each other’s warmth and you’ll always have a piece within me. You deserve the best and nothing less.” That note made me realize how lucky I am. You are a single lesson, but a lot was learned, what we had made me who I am today, and I am thankful. To that guy who was always there for me, you may not have my heart, but I want you to know that you always have my full support. See you again soon, my friend.

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