Best Drunk Foods

Everyone knows that the answer to sobering up after a night of drinking is going out to a diner or fast food place, and some people even have their own signature dish that they swear by. Here is a list of the top foods to eat when you are drunk or are just in the mood for some greasy goodness.

1. Nachos

Who doesn't love nachos?

2. Potatoes

French fries are usually the most accessible, but hash browns at the local diner or a baked potato should do the trick.

3. Toast

Toast is so simple, and so yummy under the right circumstances.

4. Pizza

Za is good anytime, but is especially useful for absorbing excess alcohol.

5. Tacos

The Taco Bell Party pack is a genius decision from their marketing team.

6. Burgers

Veggie, turkey, or ham, drunk people are always eating burgers of some sort.

7. Mac and cheese

You get bonus points if it is a microwaveable single serve cup.

8. Fish and chips

Pub food seems to be specifically designed to cater to the needs of drunk people.

9. Wings

The Bench, the bar right off of Stony Brook's campus, specializes in wings.

10.  Mozzarella sticks

Drunk people either want fried food or cheese, so fried cheese is the best of both worlds.

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