10 Disney Channel Original Movies You Used to Love

Imagine this. You're 10 years old. You just got done eating and are now in your room. The television is on the Disney Channel. The music star, you see the movie reel, the boy doing a toe touch in slow motion, and the legendary Disney outline pops on your screen. Ahhh... All is well. How would you like to take a trip down memory lane?

1. Halloweentown


Halloweentown. Halloweentown High. Halloweentown: Kalabar's Revenge. This trilogy was the core of my childhood. Focusing on the fantasy of another world, full of the festivities of Halloween (all year long), my young self is clued to the screen.

2. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century


Z E N O N! Living in the future, the year 2049 (not far from now, if you think about it). Owning the cool futuristic technology. And most importantly saving the galaxy. Zenon was a relatable teen who we all wished to be like.

3. Gotta Kick It Up!


As a former cheerleader, anything that pertained to it or dance was my obsession. A new teacher coaches a latina dance troupe at a Southern California middle school. With a couple of obstacles and setbacks, the girls and the coach must meet a middle ground in order to be the best team they can be.

4. The Even Stevens Movie


Even Stevens was one of my favorite shows on the Disney Channel. Being the oldest to a brother, I felt her pain. When the family gets the chance to go on vacation, some ... weird things start happening. A really fun movie and very entertaining!

5. The Cheetah Girls


CHEETAH GIRLS CHEETAH SISTAASSSSS!!! Whew! That takes me back. I loved the outfits the girls wore, the music, and the diversity in the friendship made it even more relatable and enjoyable. I am pretty positive, if you ask any girl who watched this movie when she was little, she will proudly sing every song!

6. Twitches


Twitches was definitely one of favorite Disney Channel Originals growing up. I would watch Sister Sister all the time and this put the icing on the cake. Princesses. Twins. Magic. You can't beat that! Twitches gave us the hand movements and line "What Ever Major Loser". Whenever these two are on screen together, its always a great time.

7. The Proud Family Moive


The Proud Family, along with many other shows, was a fan favorite. The Proud Family displayed a positive image of a black two parent household. Dealing with clones, evil scientists, and dancing cashews, the movie is a staple in Disney Originals.

8. High School Musical


"We're all in this together!" That indeed we are. HSM is essential when talking about DCOM. Troy Bolton and Gabriella Rodriguez made our little hearts burst with love. The music throughout is energetic and catchy. This film consisted of a triology with each one equally enjoyable and SUPER FUN to reenact AND sing at the top of my lungs!

9. Geek Charming


Geek Charming is a very underrated Disney movie. The two "love interests" a complete opposites; she'a snobby popular pagent girl, while he is a nerdy film lover. The two students meet and you see the true nature of the girl's life and why she acts the way she does. It's a typical story line, but I find it very sweet and a cute story line.

10. Teen Beach Movie


Although, Teen Beach movie is not fan favorite, I LOVE the music in it. Acting wise... its not the best, but I find the story and the soundtrack very entertaining and lighthearted.

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