Crime has always been fascinating. You're lying to yourself if you think you couldn't spend an entire day on your couch watching documentaries investigating who committed what illegal activities and why.

And thanks to our favorite streaming services, there are endless options when it comes to selecting the perfect thriller for your day-in. While we would never pass up on the opportunity to watch Zac Efron, there is more out there than Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.

Before Ted Bundy took the internet by storm, there were dozens of other twisted tales that people raved about. These stranger-than-fiction tales are full of murder, theft, and robbery and are sure to satisfy your inner detective. If you're looking for a break from the mainstream horror flicks, here are some of the most popular true crime documentaries of all time:

1. 'Killing For Love'

A classic tale of people doing crazy things for romance, Killing For Love has earned the coveted title of most popular true crime documentary in America. This two hour thriller leaves nothing out, from media frenzies to legal battles, two students are under investigation for the murder of their parents.

2. 'Thin Blue Line'

This 80's throwback should not be counted out due to age, it's one of the most chilling tales on this list. Every parent's nightmare comes to life when teenage car troubles go wrong and there is a shooting and death of a young boy. To make the situation worse, the truth of the night is buried under the corrupt small-town justice system.

3. 'The Witness'

Imagine being one of 38 people witnessing a woman get attacked and murdered, yet doing nothing to help her. That's the premise behind this 2015 American film, but like all mystery stories - something isn't quite adding up. This feature earned the critics review of "one of the best films of the year," so you know you're in for something good here.

4. 'Abducted in Plain Sight'

A 12-year-old child on a church adventure in a trusted neighborhood within Idaho, what could possibly go wrong? Apparently, a lot. In a tale of naivety, a family falls vulnerable to their sociopathic neighbor who abducts their loving daughter. Five weeks later she returns, but life will never be the same.

5. 'Operation Odessa'

If gruesome, violent deaths aren't your thing - don't exclude yourself from this category all together! This film follows three very different people sharing the end goal of wealth. We all know those people who allow greed to get the best of them, but this film takes greed to a new level.

The craziest thing about all of these films is that they are based on a true story. Unlike the unrealistic plot lines behind popular horror films featuring monsters and ghosts, these documentaries are no joke. Maybe they're overdramatized to a version of the truth, but they're certainly enough to make you lose sleep at night.

You've been warned, proceed at your own risk. It's your turn to decide whether justice was served or if there's still a story to be uncovered. After watching a few of these, you'll be questioning your morals and second guessing who to trust.