With it being the start of the school year and everyone is in college, it's a time where roommate conflicts are bound to happen. I have had my fair share of them and I have my fair share of my crazy stories. Stories aside, for anyone going through a roommate struggle or conflict and you might have the thought of moving out, I have one piece of advice for you.

I had roommate issues my first year of college, and I never really escaped them throughout the entirety of the first year. It was my biggest source of anxiety, and that shouldn't be the case for anyone. I won't go into detail about the stories because frankly there are two sides and I don't want either of them to read this article and get offended. However, I did move out from my first roommate and my second roommate and I just had a falling out as friends during the year and it was awkward in the room, but I didn't move out.

What made me want to stay with my second roommate, especially since it was a worse living situation? What made me want to live with someone who I once considered a best friend? What was different?

First, I was more mature this second time around and I realized that it would be a waste of time for me to move out especially, since I had pictures on the walls. I hung up pictures in my second room, and I couldn't bear the thought of taking them down. That might seem like a stupid reason, but it's the biggest reason why I stayed in my room.

There is something about hanging up pictures that makes a room feel like home. In my room, I had pictures from my childhood and I had photos that reminded me of home and I would look at them and they would give me the comfort that the rest of the room lacked. I would sleep facing them, and when I slept I knew that everything will be okay.

I am someone who tends to run whenever there is a problem in my life. I am someone who hates feeling negative emotions and will do almost anything to avoid them. I don't like feeling uncomfortable, sad, anxious, so I run, and I run for a long time.

It's a big flaw in my personality that I don't face these problems head on. It's something that I have been trying to work on, and with this roommate, I was able to learn how to deal with conflict on my own. I learned the importance to the other side of the story, and I learned what I needed in a roommate.

The reason why I stayed and why I wanted to face these problems. I had photos on the wall and I didn't want to take them down. Maybe it was out of laziness, maybe there was a part of me that said that this room still felt like my home away from home.

There was one thing on my wall in particular that I couldn't fathom taking down. It was a board that had my goal of making a true friend on it. I didn't want to take down that board until I had achieved that goal. In May of my freshman year, I had achieved that goal, and when I moved out for the summer, it felt good taking it down.

I didn't hang that board up or anything up in my first room. I didn't have a reason to fight for the room because all I had to do was move my stuff. I didn't need to do anything that requires strenuous labor, and I was able run away from conflict easily.

To that roommate who I ran away from, I am still sorry about that to this day. Even though it's a year later, it's still one of my biggest mistakes in life that I didn't give our relationship and room a shot.

That's why if you're anything like me, you need to hang stuff up on your walls. It will make the room feel like home and it will make you want to deal with the conflict that you and your roommate might be enduring right now. It will be okay, it will work out, and you will be okay.

Moving out is never worth it because people will ask you why, and it's not worth it. Trust me, I know better than anyone. In fact, your new room might be worse. Thus, hang up photos and stuff on your wall.

It works, I promise.