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8 Christian YouTubers To Subscribe To That God Already Follows

Add a new element to your spiritual journey.

8 Christian YouTubers To Subscribe To That God Already Follows

Quiet time manifests in many different ways... one of which can be watching Christian YouTubers or listening to podcasts on Christianity. Check out these 8 YouTubers to add freshness and light to your subscription feed!

1. Jordan Lee Dooley

A wife and mother, Jordan Lee Dooley's platform spreads beyond YouTube into her other social media sites and even a podcast. Empowering women via God's word, Jordan's energy radiates and her channel will encourage you in your relationship with the Lord.

2. Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

This husband and wive duo go big and tackle big topics such as love, relationships, and what a relationship with God really looks like. Delve deep into these videos and you'll find yourself craving to be in the Word, too.

3. Kirby Minnick

At 21, college-student Kirby Minnick has already co-authored a women's devotional and is a motivational speaker. Her unique flare adds life to her videos, ranging from fashion to Jesus.

4. Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson is a wife and soon-to-be mother who tells girls how to life their lives in a way that will be for God and strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ. Being transparent with her viewers, Emily will tell it like it is.

5. Sadie Robertson

Famous from 'Duck Dynasty', Sadie Robertson used her platform to reach thousands upon thousands of her viewers to speak about Jesus Christ and what He has done in her life, and how He loves you, too. With a bubbly personality and a down-to-earth nature, Sadie will feel like an intimate friend sharing what and who she loves.

6. Coffee and Bible Time

A sister duo, these girls share how they study the bible and give advice on being a Christian girl during high school. Also, they have in-depth studies in books such as Psalms and James.

7. ThatChristianVlogger

Justin Khoe is a digital missionary, and along with his wife Emily, goes deep into somewhat controversial topics that a lot of others tend to overshadow or avoid. Get lost in his videos and come out feeling refreshed and invigorated.

8. Jon Jorgenson

With his own YouTube channel and podcast (The Joncast), Jon Jorgenson isn't afraid to go into serious topics. With almost 700 videos, whatever questions you have, he's most likely answered.

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