Everyone loves cats, especially after a long day at college, or work. Here are a few of the best cat accounts on Instagram to cheer up your day, and if you're already having a good day, you can still check them out!

From Halloween cats to Valentine's day cats! Follow these precious furballs!

1. Alice & Finnegan 

These two Siberian Lynx Point cats have 387k followers on instagram!

2. O'gringo

This cute guy is from Northern France and goes by the name of O'gringo. He's a British shorthair and has the cutest mustache. O'gringo has 57.2k followers!

3. Boss

This chubby kitty has 176k followers on Instagram! He also has a YouTube channel Boss' YouTube

4. Queen Irma and Princess Indi

These two lilac point Sacred Bormans are from Norway! These two royals are so fluffy and cute!

5. Izzy and Zoe

These two wide-eyed cats have 345k followers on Instagram! Their feed is filled amazing pictures of their life.

6. Muta

This is Muta, a 6 year-old Scottish Fold boy from Japan! His big eyes are the cutest!

7. Rexie

Rexie is a male handicat, he only has two working feet, but that doesn't stop him from being the cutest cat!