Best April Fool Pranks
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Best April Fool Pranks

For any day of the year

Best April Fool Pranks

Have you ever wanted to pull an epic prank, but have no idea what to do? Sure, the internet has a ton of ideas, there's saran wrapping basically anything, toothpaste in oreos, post-it notes everywhere, etc. But the best pranks don't come from a google search, they come from The Office! That's right, Jim versus Dwight pranks! Yes, some might be unreasonable like climbing a telephone pole and attaching red wire to it. But for the most part, Jim's pranks are doable and completely genius. So here are pranks you can try to pull, not just on April Fool's, but on any day of the year. Because the pranking spirit is meant for every day of the year.

1. Start with something easy

Jello is the perfect prank! Just think of the many possibilities! And the great thing is this works for everywhere and is mildly annoying. Not enough for someone, besides Dwight, to yell too loudly about.

2. Involve other people

If you get people around the prankee to do stuff to them, they don't suspect you! It's perfect! You could do something like the wrong name, or something even more complicated possibly. I know one girl who asks everyone who meets her boyfriend to say that this isn't real life because he believes The Truman Show could happen.

3. This leads into the gullible...

Like above with the story about the girl? Well, if you can find someone who is gullible like Dwight, or has a somewhat irrational fear or conspiracy theory, then use this to your advantage! Over a period of time, act weird or involve other people to make them believe something like you've become a vampire.

4. Technology is ripe for pranks

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So, how about when Jim made Dwight's computer change Dwight to diaper every time he typed his name? It's so easy to do too! Just go into Word and substitute it! This also works great for smart phones, especially for the technology impaired. Take a word they use a lot, like yes or no, and change it to MLK's "I Have a Dream" or the opening lines to Star Wars, and let the confusion take hold!

5. "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica. Michael!"

Dressing up and impersonating either someone annoying or your best friend, is really funny and fun! It's usually not too hard to do or very costly either. But just remember: "identity theft is not a joke."

6. The Vending Machine

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]

Ok, so this one's probably not possible but you could do a variation of it. First, take the things that, like on Dwight's desk, they can immediately see missing and then hide them for them to find in really random places, like their bobblehead in the fridge or their stapler in the car glove compartment.

7. The Buttlicker's built this country!

So, obviously you can't pull the exact same stunt as Jim did, but you can do prank phone calls! They're the best and usually better if done with a group who can exchange phones and numbers since everyone has caller id now. It's also great for multiple people coming into the prank, like when Dwight took the radio interview and Jim made him take off all of his clothes and betray David Wallace.

8. Don't get into a wrap battle...

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While it would be so epic, you probably can't go too large scale with this prank like Jim did. Try it with something small or you could even wrap a box full of nothing a bunch and then give it to the prankee.

9. And finally, guten prank

If you are a regular James Trickington, then maybe you should give a guten prank a try. It's a great feeling for everyone. Try doing something that seems mean at first but turns into something nice for a better surprise. Things like pretending to forget birthdays and throwing a surprise party is a great example of a guten prank.

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