JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!? - Top Ten Best Anime of All Time
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JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!? - Top Ten Best Anime of All Time

Top ten best anime ever

JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!? - Top Ten Best Anime of All Time

Over the many years of cinema history around the world, we have seen many classic movies, no matter what you consider a "classic movie". However, not all cinema genius is shown in movies; it is also shown in Japanese anime. Japan has pumped out so many classic anime series and movies, it's very hard to put it in a list. However, I am going to try to tackle this list right here and now. Note: this list is not going to include anime movies, just anime series.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F636047585204352716-478185112_HM2UJW.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=542&h=eec964432d472aca87dfb79e19642670c497b2f87f00d7e27a0a5b6465514af9&size=980x&c=1625504619 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F636047585204352716-478185112_HM2UJW.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D542%26h%3Deec964432d472aca87dfb79e19642670c497b2f87f00d7e27a0a5b6465514af9%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1625504619%22%7D" expand=1]

10. Charlotte

Starting strong at number 10 is "Charlotte". This anime, unfortunately, is only number 10 because it got the Angle Beats treatment. And what I mean by that is that it easily could have had double the episodes it had in the end. The makers of this fine anime had to crunch a lot of information in the last few episodes. However, this anime still tugged at my heart strings at the end. All the characters were likeable and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot. I liked the main character's personality and how this anime applied to a global scale in the end made me like it even more. I won't try to spoil any of these anime for you, but this one is a good watch and not very long (only 13 episodes).

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F6360475868839903811282530004_tumblr_n97js0ICcq1t09kq0o1_500.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=730&h=db99f0396044f62d0e6d330c3fd9d150fa2de3696d00f96e86d261badfe80a38&size=980x&c=2963009376 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F6360475868839903811282530004_tumblr_n97js0ICcq1t09kq0o1_500.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D730%26h%3Ddb99f0396044f62d0e6d330c3fd9d150fa2de3696d00f96e86d261badfe80a38%26size%3D980x%26c%3D2963009376%22%7D" expand=1]

9. Mirai Nikki

Number nine on this list is "Mirai Nikki', or Future Diary. This anime was rather predictable but i loved it nonetheless. The scenes that were meant to be suspenseful very much were so and the plot is lovely; a god named Deus gives people "diaries" that predict the future in different ways. They also have to try to kill each other to become the new God of their world. This pits everyone against each other; everyone is always paranoid. Unlikely alliances form, and while the ending is pretty predicable, how the ending comes about was rather unpredictable in my opinion. If you like suspenseful dramas with action and likeable characters (except for the main character, he is the stereotypical pansy main character), this anime is for you.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F636047587385891723-1278228541_tumblr_o86atqvx5W1qdpv6co1_500.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=914&h=fccb412d9028c523ed73b9073577e6041b50508a80d0d0aaf96afb792905d93e&size=980x&c=1587579884 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F636047587385891723-1278228541_tumblr_o86atqvx5W1qdpv6co1_500.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D914%26h%3Dfccb412d9028c523ed73b9073577e6041b50508a80d0d0aaf96afb792905d93e%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1587579884%22%7D" expand=1]

8. Soul Eater

A strong number eight in this list is "Soul Eater". While the manga was far superior to the anime in this case, the anime was very good still. I loved all the characters. There was a healthy mix of quirky, serious and lovable characters. This story follows a few students in the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy), where some people are the weapon wielders and some people can turn into an assortment of weapons. They have to collect witch souls in order to become Death Scythes - the most powerful form a weapon can become. However, a demon called Asura has been unleashed and it's up the students at the DWMA to stop him. I recommend watching the anime and then reading the manga to decide for yourself which one is better. This anime is a little longer than the ones I stated before, with 51 episodes, but they are worth watching.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F636047587566910599979946954_tumblr_nc3yv5RXQh1twyzr6o1_500.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=8&h=dad802f1bd4c89375457d851b824b75a8f47e9e2ec225fe64b381565474db386&size=980x&c=2960745932 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F636047587566910599979946954_tumblr_nc3yv5RXQh1twyzr6o1_500.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D8%26h%3Ddad802f1bd4c89375457d851b824b75a8f47e9e2ec225fe64b381565474db386%26size%3D980x%26c%3D2960745932%22%7D" expand=1]

7. Hellsing Ultimate

Coming in at number seven is "Hellsing Ultimate OVA", based off the Hellsing anime and the manga. This anime is not for light stomached people. It is VERY grisly. Lots of blood and death in this anime. This anime follows a vampire called Alucard and his new vampire sidekick, Seras Victoria (or Police Girl, as Alucard enjoys calling her). They are part of the Hellsing Organization, an organization that is carged with dealing with supernatural phenomenon in Great Britain. However, a vampire Nazi army calling themselves Millennium pop up, who are old enemies of Alucard. And their leader, Herr Major, will stop at nothing to ensure Alucard is dead. I thoroughly enjoyed all the fight scenes. This anime has ten episodes in it, each about 45 minutes long. The ending was satisfying and there were a couple twists in this anime that you do not see coming. I highly recommend this anime if you have a strong stomach for gore and love Nazi vampires, because who doesn't!?

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F636047587779933053-1964620260_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=332&h=6a9784869eb0e7a34a038f0eb6f969b62f621ddbd6f08008d4aa072c77346266&size=980x&c=3800910809 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F636047587779933053-1964620260_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D332%26h%3D6a9784869eb0e7a34a038f0eb6f969b62f621ddbd6f08008d4aa072c77346266%26size%3D980x%26c%3D3800910809%22%7D" expand=1]

6. Code Geass

Number six here is "Code Geass". I LOVED this anime so so much. If you enjoyed anime like Death Note, this is right up your alley. This story involved a character named Lelouch who is actually the heir to the Brittanian throne, but he has kept it a secret. One day, he gets an ability called a Geass that allows him to force people to do what he says. Oh, did I mention he entices a rebellion in Japan, which is controlled by Brittania in this universe? Brittania controls much of the world and treats Japan very unfairly. Lelouch will try to put an end to that. This anime has everything you are looking for: mechs, awesome fights, a deep and interesting plot, lovable characters, romance, and PLENTY of twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seat. This anime should be closer to number three or four on this list, but there are just too many good anime!

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F6360475895160756501543747502_6360475886262658801229834562_NqRzRrn.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=1013&h=51f53c7ad1ff4e1629b4d0dc3c7d1f1243656cb3206cf0efdab7f7daa5427f10&size=980x&c=1413267469 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F6360475895160756501543747502_6360475886262658801229834562_NqRzRrn.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D1013%26h%3D51f53c7ad1ff4e1629b4d0dc3c7d1f1243656cb3206cf0efdab7f7daa5427f10%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1413267469%22%7D" expand=1]

5. Kill la Kill

Leading the middle of the pack is "Kill la Kill". From the creators of "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann", this anime follows a teenage girl called Matoi Ryuko, out to find who killed her father. The only clue is half a scissor blade the killer left behind. That leads her to Honnōji Academy, where she meets the leader of his strange and somewhat militaristic high school, Satsuki. She seems like the one who killed Ryuko's father, but there is way more to this story than meets the eye. Clothing in this world is very symbolic, and it can also gives people superpowers. Who knew? There is plenty of fan service in this anime, but I believe most, if not all of it, is symbolic and serves a purpose to this world. If you love half naked girls fighting at a massive and omnipotent high school with super powered clothing and attitude, this anime is for you!

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F636047589621931813374177761_6360475891053024221367495128_SimonsAwakening.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=146&h=c83157259a8e6ddf018f9e180d1553aff283cec8f2258e721e54141fcb9d58cd&size=980x&c=1192182223 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F636047589621931813374177761_6360475891053024221367495128_SimonsAwakening.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D146%26h%3Dc83157259a8e6ddf018f9e180d1553aff283cec8f2258e721e54141fcb9d58cd%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1192182223%22%7D" expand=1]

4. Gurren Lagann

Speaking of "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann", it's number four! This anime is ridiculously good! The animators really have their own style for their shows, and it looks gorgeous. Imagine: humanity is forbed to live underground because Beastmen (exactly what it sounds like) have giant mechas and patrol above ground. Kamina and Simon however, don't like living down there and go to the surface, where they are greeted by sunlight, fresh air and Beastmen trying to kill them. These two teenage boys are able to get their hands on a crew and some mechas of their own, and oh boy, does shit go down! The first half of the anime involves the main characters trying to topple the government of the Beastmen, and the second half takes a celestial turn for the worse for the main characters.This anime is one of my all time favorites. The sub and dub are both stupendous and this anime will withstand the test of time for sure.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F6360475900285824511040140094_Omake_Gif_Anime_-_One-Punch_Man_-_Episode_2_-_Saitama_vs_Mosquito.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=101&h=a139d374b2bda17ca6b841682316f0d0d9c3634550bba6af45f5756783c0fd09&size=980x&c=2880948418 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F6360475900285824511040140094_Omake_Gif_Anime_-_One-Punch_Man_-_Episode_2_-_Saitama_vs_Mosquito.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D101%26h%3Da139d374b2bda17ca6b841682316f0d0d9c3634550bba6af45f5756783c0fd09%26size%3D980x%26c%3D2880948418%22%7D" expand=1]

3. One Punch Man

Reaching the end of our list, number three is "One Punch Man". This anime came out of the gates with a bang. Sorry, I meant with a BANG. Everyone was loosing their collective minds over this anime! And I don't blame them because this anime is so good. The main character is Saitama and he has trained so hard, he kills everyone and everything with a single punch. Bored with how strong he is, he wants a real challenge in his life. However, he is pretty lazy. He is only a super hero for fun, while others are super heroes for a living. He meets a cyborg called Genos and Genos convinces Saitama to take him under Saitama's wing. This anime is rather short for how good it is, but fans eagerly await a second season to this beloved anime. If you have not seen this, you have been living under a rock. This anime is what everyone was talking about for weeks on end. The fights are beautiful, the animation is crisp, characters are fantastic and plot kept me very in tune.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F636047591304600155-42271845_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=149&h=db2766bf07ca1841cf671648d031fc3b89eccec916e68be932553ee525e47aaf&size=980x&c=3375137540 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F636047591304600155-42271845_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D149%26h%3Ddb2766bf07ca1841cf671648d031fc3b89eccec916e68be932553ee525e47aaf%26size%3D980x%26c%3D3375137540%22%7D" expand=1]

2. Death Note

Number two is a classic anime in my opinion: "Death Note". "Death Note" is a psychological thriller following Light Yagami; a high schooler with a intellect that rivals only L, a crack detective who only solves cases he is interested in. One day, a death god named Ryuk drops a Death Note on Earth and Light finds it. Anyone's name Light writes in this notebook dies. Not only that, but Light can also write down how the person dies. However, there is a catch: Light has to know the face of the person and their first and last name. This works for L, a man shrouded in mystery and is trying to take down Light (or Kira, as the world calls him int his anime). I legitimately watched this anime six times. It was that good. Constantly on the edge of your seat, constantly thinking about what the characters are going to do next to thwart and trick one another. This anime is a definite classic.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F6360475919796409551271061852_do%2Bdo%2Bdo%2Bdo%2Bdo.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=81&h=786abbccc33560b08ff4aa1f357fb2af24012757c7e62048eda0114f2d3f9f5f&size=980x&c=64171857 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F6360475919796409551271061852_do%252Bdo%252Bdo%252Bdo%252Bdo.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D81%26h%3D786abbccc33560b08ff4aa1f357fb2af24012757c7e62048eda0114f2d3f9f5f%26size%3D980x%26c%3D64171857%22%7D" expand=1]

1. Jojo's Bizzare Adventures

Coming in at number one might be a shock for some people: "Jojo's Bizzare Adventure". I freaking adore this anime. Every character is awesome in their own way. This anime, split up into different seasons to follow different Jojos throughout time. This family, the Joestar family, has a dark past though. A man they adopted into the family called Dio Brando hated the Joestar family and only wanted them dead so he could take over their wealth. Jonothan Joestar, one of the first Jojos, catches wind of this and tries to stop him. Dio get the power of a vampire due to an old mask relic he finds int eh Joestar mansion. Now he is unkillable and wants to kill the Joestars; no big deal. After the first two seasons, the show introduces a power called Stands, a power that some people have and some use it for not good things, including Dio. This anime is still ongoing and i can't recommend it enough. The anime is over the top at times, being known for posing characters and Japanese kanji floating on the screen to signify what mood is in the shot at that time. With all the seasons, this anime is pretty long, but it is very much worth the watch.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F636047592481554996114508_tumblr_mmcdr0ZrN31rbrys3o1_500.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=987&h=e6478b7cd46f78d03bca006b5908ccdecfa1bb9977fce4773793acf10a2ed3d1&size=980x&c=666819280 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F636047592481554996114508_tumblr_mmcdr0ZrN31rbrys3o1_500.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D987%26h%3De6478b7cd46f78d03bca006b5908ccdecfa1bb9977fce4773793acf10a2ed3d1%26size%3D980x%26c%3D666819280%22%7D" expand=1][rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F07%2F22%2F636047592555721260632212534_tumblr_msv2vdQlpX1ricipbo2_r1_500.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=561&h=3127d69c9b8d30312b7652d8cd7b25e74a5b341e5a8f1ce527d5b1ef2b4c75c5&size=980x&c=183559374 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F07%252F22%252F636047592555721260632212534_tumblr_msv2vdQlpX1ricipbo2_r1_500.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D561%26h%3D3127d69c9b8d30312b7652d8cd7b25e74a5b341e5a8f1ce527d5b1ef2b4c75c5%26size%3D980x%26c%3D183559374%22%7D" expand=1]

0. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

That's right, there is a number zero on this list. An anime better than the rest for some reasons. This anime is a longer one and is my all time favorite: "Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood". God damn this anime is fantastic. Based off the manga and the anime before it, Fullmetal Alchemist, this one is more true to the source material. The animations is great quality, the story is legendary, the characters are fantastic, the dubbing is wonderful, I have a hard on for his anime. This anime has a great moral behind it and it doesn't shove it in your face. In this world, people can learn alchemy, which is changing matter into something else. You could use alchemy to fix a toaster or turn part of the sidewalk into a sculpture. The possibilities are endless.

Edward and Alphonse Elric lost their mother at a young age and committed an alchemic taboo: attempt to bring her back to life. This backfires heavily on the bothers: Alphonse loses his body and Edward loses a leg. Edward then uses alchemy and sacrifices his arm to bind Al's soul to a suit of armor to save his brother. Now the brothers are state alchemists, working for the government and they find out secrets they should not have uncovered. The government is corrupt, there is a conspiracy involving the whole country of Amestris, people are creating artificial humans called Hommunculi, and their deadbeat dad is seen after leaving the boys all those years before. If this doesn't sound like a good anime to you, you are crazy! This anime is easily a 10/10 and I recommend it to anyone. It's an anime that everyone can love. Go watch this and the other anime on this list!

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