2020 Wrap Up: 4 Of The Best Albums Of 2020
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2020 Wrap Up: 4 Of The Best Albums Of 2020

I know that these are technically my opinions, but I think they are pretty accurate if I do say so myself.

2020 Wrap Up: 4 Of The Best Albums Of 2020

Four of the best albums of 2020.

1. "Circles" by Mac Miller

Being Mac Miller's last album, it is a super emotional listen. The album overall is beautiful, but the meaning and symbolism within its songs elevate the album to the next level. There are a wide variety of song styles on the album, but they have meshed together in such a flawless way. Mac had such a distinct voice that fits with so many musical styles and he really showed that on this album.

2. "Folklore" by Taylor Swift

This album was what 2020 needed. If Taylor Swift cussing didn't make you fall in love with this album, then maybe the storylines, the vulnerability, or the witty lyrics will. This album is a masterpiece. The way she tells stories through her lyrics is a very special gift. Her previous albums are very fun, but I think this album really emphasized how she's grown and matured throughout her career. She also really showcases her voice in this album and I think that is also a huge reason why this album is so good.

3. "​our little angel- EP" by ROLE MODEL

ROLE MODEL really grew this year, and rightfully so. He has a really unique way of making an upbeat song still feel relatable and still vulnerable at the same time. His lyrics have a deeper meaning within them that you hear once you listen past the upbeat exterior of the song. This EP was such a good representation of him as an artist. I am so happy that I've been a fan of his since 2018 and have gotten to watch him grow.

4. "mama's boy" by LANY

This band really never disappoints. They always one-up themselves, and this album was no different. Their vibe is so fun and has such a relaxing sound. They write and produce songs that fit together but don't necessarily sound a like. They have a distinct sound that makes them stand out in the pop genre. "mama's boy" had a variety of song focuses from heartbreak, to love, to family. I thought that each song was very personable and that really made this album stick out this year.

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