AJR Lyrics Are Life Changing, Here Are 48 Of The Best Ones
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47 AJR Lyrics That Will Change Your Life

Adam, Jack, and Ryan are lyrical geniuses; try and change my mind.

47 AJR Lyrics That Will Change Your Life

In honor of the release of AJR's newest album, "Neotheater", I've compiled a list of some of the most eloquent, clever, and just downright mind-boggling lyrics in the history of AJR. Please enjoy, and if you've never heard an AJR song, please rethink your musical tastes.

All our troubles gone / Like when we were young / Take me back to where we all began / Here we are again / Like we should've been / Oh my lady, can I have this dance? - Infinity

And I wonder, is something in the water making wanting more? / Make me wanting more / A heartbreak and a hundred red balloons / Now I'm off the floor - My Calling​

Let's toast the ones who got away / Three cheers for what we didn't say / Well, if it matters / Here's some flowers / Cause we're livin' on love / Let's toast to everything we've got / Let's dance for everything we're not - Livin' On Love

It's bullshit and we know it / Like a flower sheltered in stone / With no chance of regrowing - The World Is A Marble Heart

Good music's still good / Even if no one is watching - Big Idea

We will learn from the giants / Before the giants learn from them - The Green And The Town

A year from now, we won't be lovers / We'll just be suits and ties and shoes / And we will grow without our parents / Cause soon we will be giants too - The Green And The Town

I've seen almost every side of the industry / Except the one we've been working seven years to see / Just some kids with pro tools a mic and a big idea, but no IDs - Big Idea

 You cannot rush / What can't be timed - Growing Old On Bleecker Street

 Sometimes I wonder if we matter at all / If we're not written down / Who will remember now? - Growing Old On Bleecker Street

If the world gets me, where I'm s'posed to be / Will I know I've made it, then? / It's so hard / So can we skip to the good part? - The Good Part

Mom and Dad, they have a good life / But what the hell am I gonna do with mine? - The Good Part

My habits, they hold me like a grudge / I promise I won't budge - Weak

Won't you help me sober up? Growing up, it made me numb / And I just wanna feel something again - Sober Up

My favorite color is you / You're vibrating at my frequency - Sober Up

Recently he said that she said that we said some shit that you wouldn't believe / Recently he said that she said that we said that he said some shit about me - Drama 

I grew up on Disney / But this don't feel like Disney / You say I turned out fine / I think I'm still turning out - Turning Out

I'm a little kid, and so are you / Don't you go and grow up before I do / I'm a little kid with so much doubt / Do you wanna be there to see how I turn out? -Turning Out

I'm not narcissistic / I'm just high off the music / And I don't wanna miss it / But I wouldn't stop you - No Grass Today

 Listen to my aching heart / Quick, before you skip the song / We are human after all / And we don't stay for long - Three-Thirty

 Someone told me to be selfless / But we are helpless / Without attention

 I feel so broke up / I wanna go home - Call My Dad

 It don't matter what my name is / I don't got one I'm not famous, no / And I don't hate it, no / You never heard of me / Or the weird shit I do and say / That's my favorite thing / That I'm not famous, no - I'm Not Famous

 Who I am is in these episodes / So don't tell me that it's just a show - Netflix Trip

 Way up, way up, way up to the moon / Boy it's good to know I got a bud like you - Bud Like You

 Should I go for more clicks this year? / Or should I follow the click in my ear? - Come Hang Out

 And all my friends say come hang out / Cause you're outta your mind / You're working so damn hard / You forgot what you like / And come hang out / Don't you leave us behind / But I'll be there next time - Come Hang Out

 Should I hang my head low? / Should I bite my tongue? Or should I march with every stranger from Twitter to get shit done? - Burn the House Down

 Can I truly love the art when I hate the artist? / But, all my role models are on TV for the wrong reasons - Role Models

 Is it normal to stand here and wish that I was back at home? / Is it normal to tell her I can't be normal anymore? - Normal

 Oh, I'm insecure, I'm insecure / I think I like what I'm supposed to - Pretender 

I wanna be next up forever / Find a way to never hit my peak - Next Up Forever

I know I gotta grow up sometime / But I'm not fuckin' ready yet - Next Up Forever

I bet it's always gonna stay this fun / I bet it's easy staying away from drugs / I bet our parents always stay in love - Birthday Party

We had to work a bit more hard / Only just to get a little bit less far - 100 Bad Days 

Maybe a hundred bad days made a hundred good stories / A hundred good stories make me interesting at parties - 100 Bad Days

Oh no, don't throw out my Legos / What if i cant let go? / What if i come back home? Back home? / Can we keep my Legos at home? / Cause I wanna move out I don't wanna move on - Don't Throw Out My Legos

What doesn't kill you / Makes you ugly / Life gives you lemons / At least it gave you something - Break My Face

I think I probably wasn't in love with you / I think I probably loved the idea of you - Turning Out, Pt. ii

Is this all that life's about? / Trying to love how you turn out? / I don't love it much at all - Turning Out, Pt. ii

 You wonder what they did before inventing the phone / Yeah how could anyone face the quiet alone - The Entertainment's Here

 I've been so good, I've been workin' my ass off / I've been so good, still I'm lonely and stressed out / I've been so good, I've been so good this year / I've been so good but it's still getting harder, I've been so good where the hell is the karma? - Karma

 The universe works in mysterious ways / But I'm starting to think it ain't workin' for me - Karma

 And every star / That I used to mock / Was probably paid / Am I the same? - Beats

 Yeah, I'm not sick / I'm just kinda different / Oh different, so different / They tell us to be different / But no one told me I could go too far - Wow, I'm Not Crazy

 But dear Winter / I hope you like your name / I'm hoping that someday, I can meet you on this Earth / But shit, I gotta meet your mom first - Dear Winter

 They wanted heaven from me / I gave 'em hell / Now they want something bigger - Finale (We Can't Wait To See What You Do Next)

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