5 Best Drugstore Face Masks

The days of splurging on high end skincare products have come to an end. Let's face it – no one wants to gamble on an investment of "luxury-grade" products that may or may not live up to their hype. If you want your skin to look its best, check out these five drugstore brands to incorporate into your self-care routine. These revitalizing yet affordable masks will take your skin to the next level and make you question why you ever spent so much money on one tiny jar of clay.

1. Ariul 7 Days

If you want to see instant results, use this mask. Ariul 7 Days reveals a noticeable difference in the appearance of your skin after just one use. With an extensive selection offering a solution for a variety of skin concerns, you can't go wrong in trying one of these out.

2. Masque Bar

If you've been dying to try out the foil mask trend that has been popping up on your Instagram feed, purchase one from Masque Bar. Competing brands sell a similar product for upwards of $25, but Masque Bar delivers the same results for significantly cheaper.

3. Peach Slices

A K-beauty brand, this product more than lives up to the hype about Korean skincare products. Peach slices offers masks and treatments for a myriad of skincare concerns, and it is especially calming for those with acne. Like Ariul 7 Days, products from the Peach Slices brand will offer instant results to reveal improved skin.

4. Beauty 360


Beauty 360 is excellent for mud and clay masks that won't irritate your skin. Though many high-end brands are packed with powerful ingredients that get the job done, they are often too aggressive on the skin. Beauty 360 is a more affordable alternative that will clarify your pores without leaving behind redness.

5. Yes To

For a quality sheet mask to bring back your glow, try Yes To. This brand utilizes the natural ingredients present in certain foods to help restore your skin.

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