Christmas Gift Ideas For Her (And Him)

You Know You’re An Adult If You’ve Got These 13 Things On Your Wish List For Christmas

Alexa, play "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey.


Growing up means trading out the wishlist from Barbies and Hot Wheels to cookware and protective phone cases. #Adulting is not as easy as it seems, my friends. So, this means Christmas is the best time to ask for all of the things that you wish you could buy, but you know you could live without because your car needs an oil change and you need to restock the fridge.

For the adult you blossoming inside, here are some things that you may realize have popped on your subconscious Christmas wishlist.

2. Air Fryer

I need this so I can feel a little bit better about stuffing my mouth with all of the fried foods I can find in my kitchen.

3. Trader Joe’s Gift Card

Need I say more?

4. French Press

With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, I am definitely going to need a coffee...or two...or three. Maybe four.

5. Spotify/Apple Music Subscription

Do I want a break from the ads? I really really do.

6. (Another) Hydroflask

These days, water is one of the only things that keeps me going. Wherever I go, my Hydro goes. And vice versa.

7. Tasty Cookbook

Okay, I follow every single Tasty account that I could possibly follow, along with its affiliates. I deserve to become an official owner of the Tasty cookbook.

9. Otterbox Phone Case

Because at the moment, my phone is currently protected with a $2 phone case. Everyday is Russian roulette.

11. Tasty Cooking Kit

(To match my cookbook!) I NEED this to pursue my dream of becoming a cook for Tasty. That’s really it. Oh, and it comes with an apron.

13. Phone Sanitizer

Did you know your phone has more germs than a public toilet? Yeah, so you can see why this is necessary.

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