11 Candies From The '90s Every College Student Today Wants Back, ASAP

11 Candies From The '90s Every College Student Today Wants Back, ASAP

Why would you settle for a peanut butter cup when you can have a gummy shark?


Let's be real: '90s candy was the best candy. Hands down, no argument, don't @ me. Because why would you settle for a peanut butter cup when you can have a gummy shark?

1. Nestle Wonderball

These things were delicious! I begged my parents for one on like a daily basis.

2. Baby Bottle Pop

The commercials for these were almost as good as the candy itself.

3. Gummy Sharks

As a kid, I could eat an entire bag of these in one sitting. They were the best things to ever exist.

4. Gummy Pizza

OK, these things really didn't taste that great, but they were such a staple of the '90s, I want to see them back on shelves just for old time's sake.

5. Nerd Ropes

The day these left shelves, I'm pretty sure I cried. RIP.

6. Warheads

Don't lie, you were totally the cool kid in class if you could handle warheads.

7. Push Pops

These also made it look like you had some wacky lipstick on, but hey, they were so good, who really cared?

8. Pixy Stick

Nothing like some flavored sugar for a mid-afternoon snack.

9. Fun Dip

The RazzApple Magic Dip was the best because it turned green, people! GREEN!

10. Runts

I bought these from every 25 cent turn machine ever. Then, one day, they just sort of left all of those candy machines... never to be heard from again.

11. Bubble Tape

Let's face it — gum was cooler when you cut it.

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5 Reasons Cracker Barrel Is The Best Chain Restaurant In The United States, No Doubt About It

It's just factual.


The United States is home to over a million different restaurants, but none can compare to the 645 Cracker Barrel locations. Cracker Barrel saw the consumerist nature of the U.S. and capitalized on it by combining a shop with a restaurant — to this I say, genius! Absolutely genius! Cracker Barrel is there on every long car ride with entertainment and food that will last you hours. For reasons other than their billboards that boast, "Big Pancakes, Cute Syrup," Cracker Barrel stands the test of time as the best American restaurant.

1. The Peg Game

Every table at Cracker Barrel comes equipped with this peg game that not only provides entertainment but also tells you how intelligent you are. It's a good way to distract yourself from thinking of all the delicious calories you're about to consume.

2. The Old Country Store

You can get everything from Cracker Barrel jams and foodstuffs to blankets and rocking chairs. This store can distract you for hours and leave your wallet a little bit lighter.

3. The rocking chairs

After you've acquired a food baby close to bursting, you can sit and relax on a giant rocking chair on the front porch. You can nurse your food baby while also pretending to tell your nonexistent grandchildren about "back in your day."

4. The price to size ratio of food

Cracker Barrel not only gives you a huge entree but also includes your choice of 2-3 sides overflowing with food. You'll leave close to bursting with some leftovers for later.

5. The polite staff

It's that southern hospitality they all must have because I've never once had a bad waiter/waitress experience at Cracker Barrel. Once, the waitress gave us free drinks and discounts on our food just because they forgot some sides. A+ customer service!

Cracker Barrel may not be the restaurant at the top of your dining list, but it sure should be. Cracker Barrel is like a good friend: loyal, caring, and always there for you even if you haven't talked in a while. We should be grateful for this gem of a place and not take it for granted. Next time you're on a road trip, stop by for good food and an even greater experience.

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7 Classic Summertime Desserts You're Guaranteed To Love

These refreshing classics are sure to fill you up on a hot summer day!


Carnivals, parades, and parties have some of the best dessert treats the world of food has to offer. Summertime is the best opportunity to give them a try. Whether it is to crave your sweet tooth or just because, what should you look for?

1. Deep Fried Oreos


A Deep Fried Oreo is a dessert or snack consisting of an Oreo which is dipped in batter and deep-fried. It is commonly served with powdered sugar or other sweet toppings, but sometimes just plain. It is sure to be amazing any which way you decide to enjoy them!

2. Churro


Churros are one of the oldest and best summer treats. A churro is basically fried dough with sweet sugar and cinnamon flavoring in the center. Heat it up and it's sure to knock you off your feet.

3. Funnel Cake


A funnel cake is a fried dough dessert poured through a funnel pan which is how it earned its name. Its popularity grew from being served at popular summer events such as carnivals and amusement parks.

4. Fried Twinkies (Yes, I Just Said FRIED TWINKIES.)


A twinkie is a finger-shaped cake with a cream filling. So, people decided to try it fried. In my humble opinion, if you've never had one, then you haven't lived.

5. Banana Split


A banana split is a classic dessert made by cutting a banana in half, with traditionally 3 scoops of ice cream, syrup sauce, whipped cream, nuts, and sometimes a cherry.

6. Cheese Cake


The definition of cheesecake sounds just as good as it tastes: "The main, and thickest layer, consists of a mixture of soft, fresh cheese (typically cream cheese or ricotta), eggs, vanilla and sugar; if there is a bottom layer it often consists of a crust or base made from crushed cookies, graham crackers, or pastry."

7. Pie (Apple Or Any Fruit)


Everyone loves pie, whether it be Grandma's apple, Mom's pumpkin, or a fruit pie, there is something for everyone to dive into and enjoy any day!

So, the next time you crave a sweet treat, what will it be?

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