Best 2019 Country Songs For Your Summer Playlist
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22 Kick Ass Country Songs For Your 2019 Summer Playlist

Because it's not truly summer without a few go-to good country songs.

22 Kick Ass Country Songs For Your 2019 Summer Playlist
Jessica Pits

I don't know about you, but I am a big country music fan. I mean four different Spotify playlists with over 900 different songs, name a country song for every letter of the alphabet kind of fan (you might think I'm kidding, but no, I really can name a country song for every letter. Try me). And better than that, my favorite season is coming up: Summer.

One of my favorite things about summer is, you guessed it, freedom. The kind of freedom where you roll your windows down and blare music with your friends, probably swim in a lake or on a beach somewhere and eat ice-cream. The kind of picture perfect movie montage set to some cool music that makes you just wish you could be there too.

If you're like me, this mental montage is set to some really killer country music that is probably singing about a boat, a girl, a party, a truck, or even a summer love—like every young rom-com loving girl's dream. So whether you're on a boat, driving in your car, tanning, or even just need something to listen to, here it is: 22 epic summer country hits you won't want to miss.

And even if you're not like me, and country music isn't your go-to, I encourage you: broaden your horizons! Take a little taste test! There are so many different styles of country music, so I can almost guarantee you will like at least one of these.

"Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" by Thomas Rhett x Little Big Town

"Down To The Honkytonk" by Jake Owen

"All Nighter" by Dan + Shay

"Summer and Sixteen" by Josh Grider

"Fix a Drink" by Chris Janson

"Look What God Gave Her" by Thomas Rhett

 "Honkytonk Highway" by Luke Combs

"Beachin" by Jake Owen

 "Up Down" by Morgan Wallen x Florida Georgia Line

 "Roadtrippin'" by Dan + Shay

"Buy Me A Boat" by Chris Janson

"Something To Do With My Hands" by Thomas Rhett

"You're In It" by Granger Smith

"Beer Can" by Luke Combs

"There Was this Girl" by Riley Green

"Drop Everything" by Carlton Anderson

"Like It's the Last Time" by Thomas Rhett

"Drink In My Hand" by Eric Church

"The Way I Talk" by Morgan Wallen

"Old Alabama" by Brad Paisley

"All Summer Long" by Kid Rock

"My Texas" by Josh Abbott Band x Pat Green

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