Using Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to visit countries like Canada, US and UK is not a new trend. In the US, ESTAs have been available for quite some time now. In Canada, they are relatively new but already dominate the options available to travelers visiting Canada and other member countries without undergoing the tedious process involved in the traditional visa application. ETA Canada offers the same opportunity for travelers planning to visit Canada. While easy to acquire and use, ETAs come with various limitations you should be aware of as they are not official travel documents like the regular VISA. Here is a brief overview of the key benefits of using ETA Canada for your air travel to Canadian town.

1.Legitimate documents usable for travel

ETA works more like current visas as they allow you to visit Canada without the official visa documents. You can use ETAs any time you are stopping in Canada even if it is not your final destination. However, ETAs are only available to citizens of the system's member countries like France and the UK. You must also be planning a stay that does not go beyond 90 days. If you plan to stay longer, you will need the traditional visa documents. Make sure you find out more information about ETA canada application form before you begin your application.

2.Fast and simple visa application process

Traditional visa application can be time-consuming as it involves a lot of paperwork and attestations. It also takes several days before your visa is approved, and you must visit an embassy to complete the process. ETA, on the other hand, is a fast online visa application process that takes only a few minutes to complete. All you need to do is fill up a simple form available in different agency websites. You can also use the Government of Canada's official ETA application page, and wait for your electronic authorization to arrive in your mail. You can then print the ETA and use it in Canadian airports and transit stops.


With ETA Canada, you do not need to leave your home or visit any embassies. The application process is completed online, and your documents are sent via mail. As an online process, ETA application is very convenient. You can apply from anywhere provided you meet the eligibility requirements. It is also very simplified with guidelines on how to quickly complete your application.

4.Affordable fees

ETAs do not hold the same status as traditional visas. However, they can be used to travel in and out of Canada effortlessly. They are also significantly cheaper than regular visas. A small application fee will be charged to design your travel documents. For a small additional fee, you can receive the documents sooner (within the same day of application).

5.Long validity period

ETA became famous following the success of USA's ESTA, which works in the same way. ETA Canada is valid for up to five years, but you can apply for shorter durations. Following application, your documents will be processed and sent within the next 72 hours. ETA is directly linked to your visa, and you will need to present it at the airport alongside a valid passport.


Using ETAs is a perfect way to travel to Canada without applying for a visa through the embassy. This process makes visa application very easy and produces a legal travel document you can use to visit Canada. When applying for an ETA, make sure you choose reputable agencies that can guarantee high-quality services and original travel documents at an affordable price. More importantly, have all the required information at hand to ensure smooth online application.