Gardening is fun and beneficial to your health

Gardening is one of the few hobbies shared by the rural, the retired, and the trendy alike. The desire to raise and nurture is in our genes, and we don't let space or materials limit us. From potted plants to backyard gardens, those who want to garden will find a way. For those who don't quite understand the passion, gardening provides a wide range of benefits that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Consider running. Many people are very passionate about running, and those who don't run might not "get it." Runners are hooked on the benefits of running which include physical health and the sense of accomplishment. At first, it takes effort and works to get into a hobby/activity such as running or gardening. Then, as we hit the runner's high or see a green rise from the soil, it becomes a part of our lives. The feelings and benefits derived from hobbies such as running and gardening are unique and irreplaceable, which is why they are favorite trends for every age, person, and generation.

The following are some of the standard benefits you can expect to receive from raising a garden:

Clean Eating


One of the more obvious benefits associated with gardening is the "garden-to-table" produce. Grown by your hand, you know from seed to harvest what that plant has gone through (fertilizer, pesticides, etc.). It's rare to find fresher produce than from your own garden. Plus, it's easier to adapt to a healthier diet with more readily available fruits and vegetables.



Bryan, Co-Founder of and avid garden enthusiast, says:

I enjoy gardening for the sense of accomplishment. Seeing something grow from just a seed to something on my table and knowing my effort went to its success is exciting for me. Also, gardening is a bit of escapism for me. Being able to detach from the normal day-to-day and go out into my own little oasis is relaxing.

Sometimes it can be hard to find accomplishment in our lives. Like Bryan, you may find a garden gives you those wins that can make a difference.



Generally speaking, people are obsessed with the natural beauty of our land. Mountains, snow, forests, oceans, you name it – we see ourselves spending our best moments in beautiful environments. Gardens can bring this natural beauty to your porch or backyard. If you feel dismal or that your environment is a bit bleak, add a garden. The plants' vibrant green, the soil's rich darkness, and the varying colors of produce can bring color and aesthetics into your life on a daily basis.



After a long day of work, household chores, or dealing with whatever life throws at you, gardening can be very therapeutic. Watering, weeding, pruning, and amending soil are rhythmic tasks that provide your mind with some needed reprieve. Sometimes we need simplicity in our lives, and gardening can provide that outlet. A few necessary chores on a daily and weekly basis give you time to release stress, find balance, and walk back into your life with renewed vigor.



Gardens also remind us that the world is a complex and dynamic organism that lives as much as we do. We take the world for granted and watching life cycles occur in your garden is humbling. It helps us think twice about recycling, what we put in this world, and what we take out of it.

If you are missing one of these aspects of your life, then consider growing a garden. Don't wallow because you can't find appreciation or accomplishment in your daily job – grow a garden so you can come home to them.

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