Benefits of creating a blog for your brand
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Benefits of creating a blog for your brand

Is the time invested in your brand's blog profitable? How can it help you? Can this effort be transformed into real sales? We will try to answer all these questions from our experience in creating corporate blogs for businesses.

Benefits of creating a blog for your brand

Before mentioning all the advantages of blogging, let's start with the basics. What is a corporate blog?
What really is the corporate blog? The corporate blog is a very powerful and essential tool to develop the so-called content marketing of your brand. It is of such importance that it becomes a key and vital piece in the well-known Inbound Marketing strategy thanks to the multiple benefits that we achieve with it.

Let's talk about the advantages and benefits of a blog!

1. Increase the visibility of your brand on the internet

Many users discover the products or services of a company through its blog; and a large part of these readers end up buying the product or service that is being talked about.
With the help of web positioning: In this way your blog will be rewarded by search engines and will appear in the first results of, above all, Google. In addition, the articles help to position for long tail keywords that respond to specific and less competitive searches.
For this reason, a well-positioned blog makes you gain more visibility against your competitors.

2. Good content attracts a quality audience

Creating good content is not an easy task. It will be necessary, among other things, to write, optimize and publish your own and interesting content on a regular basis on your blog.
When we talk about own content, we refer to text as well as images , videos or infographics . In addition, even having the option of resorting to image banks such as Shutterstock , the ideal is to invest in your own professional photographs for this purpose.

Always thinking about your target audience

All this content should always be created with your target audience in mind. In this way , people who are really interested in your product or service or in the sector you specialize in will arrive, so they will be potential customers with a greater probability of conversion : contact, product purchase, reservation, prior appointment...
For example, if it is the blog of a hotel in a specific place, the benefits of the environment will be discussed: activities that can be done, places to eat, traditions or history of the area, always thinking of helping a possible tourist who is looking for accommodation for the environment.
Ask yourself what your target audience is interested in before you start writing like a monkey.

3. Build trust and improve brand image as experts in the sector

Helping users by providing useful content based on your experience and knowledge in the sector reinforces the image of an expert on the subject, thus achieving an improvement in online reputation and generating trust in users.
If you sell technology, you must demonstrate that you understand the subject, publishing tutorial articles and reviews, for example.

4. With the blog articles you make your customers loyal

It is a medium that allows you to talk directly with your customers or leads, so trust is enhanced by talking with them openly and closely. In this way you will be able to humanize the brand, be more credible and have a better relationship with them.

5. Blog content is not intrusive and creates added value

By creating quality and useful content for those who read it, you will be able to talk about your business or brand in an indirect and subtle way, so that readers will not perceive this information as advertising . Direct mail is often perceived as untrue. Getting this message in the article is what a (good) agency offers.
The use of the newsletter to communicate news

With email marketing you will be able to communicate to your clients the news of your business in a non-intrusive way, generating interesting content for your target audience and adding recommendations of your services or products within these blog articles.

6. It will differentiate you from the competition

Stand out or die. The blog is a creative tool to differentiate yourself from your competition. We will create our own content of great value, communicating it your way.
Creating a blog helps you stand out from the competition
How are we going to address your audience? We will decide the tone that we are going to use, always thinking about your target audience and the identity and values of your brand. Close or formal? Will we work humor? More emotional or commercial? All these questions will be answered and it will be necessary to be consistent in all the newsrooms using the same tone.

7. Help build a database of potential customers

A blog allows you to add a newsletter where users will want to receive the latest blog content. Thanks to this, you will have the data of leads interested in your brand to convert them into customers. A network of valuable contacts that will not send your emails to the SPAM tray.

8. You will create a community that interacts with your brand

In addition to creating this network of subscribers on your blog, the articles must be spread on all active social networks of your brand, starting conversations and developing a direct dialogue with our target audience.
The blog itself helps create a community that interacts with your brand
By creating interesting content , we encourage it to be shared or go viral on social networks and we will be able to reach a greater number of users on the internet. It is worth noting the importance of a good optimization of the view when sharing on networks. At La Luna we take care of every detail!

9. It is more profitable than traditional advertising

The creation of content on a blog is not as expensive as traditional advertising, although it does require a great initial effort when creating it. In addition, it has a greater impact by generating content that interests your target audience, and on the other hand, this content will be available at all times without having to invest again, since, once published, users will be able to find it without any problem.


There are many success stories of small or medium-sized companies, but the conclusion is that no matter what sector your business belongs to, it is always very important to know how to differentiate yourself and position yourself as an expert thanks to the generation of your own quality content with your target client. in mind.

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