Positive Affirmations For When You're Feeling Sad
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Positive Affirmations For When You're Feeling Sad

When you feel so deep in sadness that it affects your motivation in school and daily life, take small steps to feel happier. One way to do this is by asserting your truth.

Positive Affirmations For When You're Feeling Sad

Lately, I've been feeling so low. I've been having my own solo pity party for weeks now and climbing out of that hole has felt impossible. This feeling is so new to me. I've always had a positive personality and long bouts of sadness are not something I'm used to dealing with.

Homesickness has struck for the first time all year and that combined with stress and a huge lack of motivation to complete the smallest assignment has put a weight on my chest. I keep telling myself-only one more week until I am back home, and everything will be better, and I know it will. It's so easy to feel behind if you don't have a summer internship when everyone around you seems to and it can be very disheartening instead of motivating as it should be. There was a time where I could not even watch a single tv show or listen to music because I was jealous of the actor's and artist's successes. Totally crazy, I know. If this situation sounds familiar to your own life, I'm here to give you a few positive and very true affirmations to tell yourself, as well as share the things I do that always brighten my mood.

Sadness is a natural human emotion. It makes us irrational beings. When it spans over a couple of days for no apparent reason, it's time to act. If you haven't heard of an affirmation, it is asserting a statement and repeating it over and over until you believe it to be true. It's recommended to begin the day stating sentences aloud that you want to assert. Here are a few of the ones I am using:

"I will be kind, honest, and ethical in each situation I face today."

This is the golden rule we were taught at a young age. Since you would want others to be kind, honest, and act in an ethical manner towards you, begin that good karma and chain of positivity by doing it first. You know how good it feels when people express their love for your outfit or allow you to go ahead of them in line. You never know what people are going through and a small act of kindness can brighten up their day, as well as yours from acting with love. When I lived at home, I would occasionally bring my mom a coffee and visit her at work. It made her happy, which in turn made me tremendously happy.

"Everyone lives at their own pace. There is no race because we are each on unique paths."

There are so many different paths to go down in life. There is no right and wrong, in a sense. Going to college does not make anyone better than someone who chooses not to attend. All over the world, the definition of success is arbitrary and there are tremendous pressures to work hard and be successful. In America, success is defined by having money, a perfect relationship, and your own house.

The fact is, There are too many circumstances and variances in each person's situation that comparisons are silly. Don't wish things like "If only I was richer..." and "I wish I could sing and dance like that." Because believe it or not, people are envying and admiring your own skills, talents, looks, and hobbies that you may not assign any special importance.

"Today I will go with the flow and live in the moment." 

This is the reason meditation is so popular. It helps to bring your mind to the 'here and now' and tune out any worries that don't mean a thing and are holding you back from the happiness you rightfully deserve.

How many times do we look forward to something, have minimal fun, post about it in a throwback and look back in retrospect about how much more fun it was. Instead of letting life pass you by, put your phone down and be your true self. I was just at Phoenix Night Market this past weekend with some friends. They had live performers and we were dancing so wildly and carefree in the crowd. We were dancing horribly on purpose to make each other laugh and it brought me such pure joy. When I'm stuck on campus though, I live in the moment by listening to my favorite music on headphones while I'm walking through campus admiring each beautifully planted desert plant and bird on my way to class. Going with the flow means doing small things to remind you of what's happening right now in front of you. Embrace everything around you and happiness will come.

"Today I am going to see what I can get away with. I will try anything and everything and embrace the pure innocence of being a beginner." 

I don't mean this in a sinister way of "Let's see what I can steal today..." or "I wonder if I can get away with coming into work mildly drunk."

Think of it this way: each day there is an opportunity to try something new. Apply for an internship or job you may not have all of the qualifications for. What is the harm? You don't get the job or even worse, get a "No" as a response? When a single "No" is the worst that can happen, what else is holding you back from trying everything you are curious of? Ever since I was 13 or so, I had always wanted to try surfing, but being so young, I didn't have a ride to the beach or a surfboard (the most important factor).

For Christmas this year, I received a longboard, which is what beginner surfers use. It's as if the universe has spoken and is facilitating my long-lived dream. It would be silly to waste this chance and let the board collect dust in my room. Now, I just need to embrace being a beginner this summer and carry out my surfer girl dreams.

"Today I am going to do what I unbashfully enjoy."

Do what you love without shame. Wear crazy makeup, your platform boots, start a cooking blog, just be yourself. Hiding your happiness at the expense of others causes distress and an identity crisis. I envy people that dress weird and different because they are being themselves and don't care what anyone else thinks to an extent. That is a quality that many of us aspire to have. All it takes is a small step today. So give yourself time to think and explore your likes and dislikes. Then go forth and be you, totally unbashful you.

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