It's difficult, I will admit it. Speaking from experience, being in a long distance relationship is emotionally taxing. All you want to do is see your significant other, and however far away they are seems triple the distance. The next time you'll see each other seems like it will never come, and the waiting feels like purgatory. You can do it, your relationship is strong enough to handle the hard times and so are you.

What we fail to realize, though, is that there are benefits to a long distance relationship, your desire to be with your other half just blinds you from seeing it.

1. Communication

When you're apart for a while and you have to rely on the phone to keep in touch, your ability to communicate with each other grows. You learn more about each other every day and you listen more to what your partner has to say because you're not distracted.

2. You never get tired of each other.

When in a short distance relationship, it can be easy to get wrapped up in spending time with your significant other and you might find yourself spending all your time with that person, which can get old after a while. In a long distance relationship, you can't get enough of your person, and it seems like you're never able to.

3. Distance makes you value your time together.

The time apart truly makes the rare time that you spend together extremely special. You don't take any moment for granted and you appreciate your partner in a way that a couple that sees each other all the time can never really understand.

4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The age old saying is oh so true. You will evaluate how you truly feel about your significant other and your feelings will develop more. You have more time to think about your person and admire them for who they truly are.

5. There is a reason why you do this.

It's important that you remember that there is a reason why you push yourself every day, it is because you see a future with that person. You are not wasting your time and energy on someone you have mediocre feelings for, somewhere in your mind, you know that there is something worth pursuing with that person and you need to take the time, whether you spend it together or apart, to explore what that may be.

We waste too much time focusing on how we miss our other half when we need to remember all of the benefits of our time apart. This will not ruin your relationship if you continue to put in as much effort as you do when you are together. This is not the end for you. The journey has just begun.