I'll Say It If No One Else Will - Bella Should Have Chosen Jacob
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I'll Say It If No One Else Will - Bella Should Have Chosen Jacob

Edward Cullen is the worst.

I'll Say It If No One Else Will - Bella Should Have Chosen Jacob
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The 10 year anniversary of the "Twilight" film is coming up and I have some things to say. I'm just gonna put it right out there and be honest; I'm 100% team Jacob.

I don't like Edward Cullen, and I think he was a terrible match for Bella. I just don't get the hype. First of all, he's an old man in a teenager's body. No matter how attractive that body may be, I just can't get on board with the age difference. Especially because Bella isn't even 18 when her and Edward first meet. That's gross! He's basically a pedophile. Second, he's really creepy in general. I mean before they even become friends he takes to breaking into her bedroom and watching her sleep every night. This is portrayed as being sweet and romantic but it's actually so scary. I

f anybody ever did that to me, my first instinct would not be to swoon, it would be to call the police. Also, he's super manipulative and controlling of Bella. He has this mentality that he knows better than her and he basically acts like he has to protect her from herself at all times. Bella might be clumsy and immature sometimes, but she isn't an infant. Edward even abandons Bella at one point because he thinks she'll be better off without him.

Bella tries multiple times to explain that she is willing to take the risk of danger in order to be with him. He brushes her off because he is hard-headed and doesn't care what she has to say. Also- and this is just the icing on the cake- he's an immortal vampire. What kind of life can he really offer Bella? I mean obviously we all know how things end up working out; but Bella couldn't have known any of that.

She thought she had to sign on to a life with a man who didn't age and couldn't have children with her. They would have to move around a bunch and she would have to watch herself get older and older while he stayed looking like a gorgeous 17 year old. That's the worst.

But aside from the fact that Edward Cullen sucks big time, why would Bella have wanted to be with him when she had someone like Jacob to be with instead? Jacob Black is an absolute dream. He's WAY cuter than Edward and he's actually around Bella's age!

He never stalks Bella or tries to control her. He's sweet and loving and fun. Bella has an amazing time with him. He helps her come out of a major depression and start to enjoy life again. He is basically willing to do anything for her. Plus, her life with Jacob would have been a wonderful, almost totally normal life.

He is mortal, so they could have lived and grown old together. They could have had precious little babies and lived at La Push and eaten muffins with all of their friends and family forever. Bella would never have to lie to her family and cut them off.

Overall, Jacob was the better choice for Bella, but I guess she just has terrible judgment. Maybe she and Edward deserve each other after all.

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