I Believe In Unicorns
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I Believe In Unicorns

It's true, I believe in the extraordinary, the imaginary, the completely unrealistic

I Believe In Unicorns

As much as I don't want to admit it, I'm a closet fan of "The Bachelorette" and though I've only seen two episodes this season (yes, only two). I feel that JoJo has made it possible for people to admit that true love is okay, it's actually nothing to be ashamed of, and it's kinda cool. (She also went as far as to show up on "The Bachelor" with a unicorn mask/ head thing to further exemplify how much of a novelty believing in something as beautiful as love has become.) Thanks to JoJo, I now have the courage to say that I believe in unicorns.

It's true, I believe in the extraordinary, the imaginary, the completely unrealistic manifestation of true love. To me, it's more than a possibility, it's truth. What is love other than truth? Honestly, to me, it's everything.

I am one who insists on feeling everything with my soul, I feed on intuition, and I more than dedicated to the romanticized idea that fate and chance are all beautiful, but sometimes scornful realities of life. It's just that no matter my experiences, no matter how many times I am disappointed time and time again, I have this feeling. I know, very rationale, a feeling. This feeling is more than what I can describe and maybe the only way I can describe it is, it's a soul thing. I think that most people can relate to it, it's this inner pulling you feel when you know there is something or someone that you need. The way I see it is, I have to trust my whole being, this is my soul, the very core of who I am, and it's telling me something. It's something that I just won't ignore and I can't because, why would I want to settle for anything other than my soul's desire?

I can't settle. Honestly, I don't think my mind/body/soul would ever allow it. Just think about it, how many times in our lives do we settle? Even over the smallest, miniscule, insignificant things? How can we sit back and let love be one of those things? Why or how could anyone want the very least amount of love a person could give them? Sometimes, I am baffled at my own unwillingness to allow myself to feel, to allow myself to believe in such things. I have come to the conclusion that in order for it to matter, it has to satisfy your soul. I know that not everyone believes in the things I do, but to me it's just too painful to give up easily. I see people without passion or inspiration and it breaks my heart for them, but more than anything, it scares me. Why? Because I am them, we all are. They, like all of us, found something wonderful and that was it. Wonderful is amazing, but regardless of how much wonderful love was there...Did they feel anything, and I mean really feel? Was it worth shouting to the world or was it so sacred and precious that it was kept protected, only to be understood by those involved and admired by those who saw its effects? Or was it just enough? And enough shouldn't be the end, because there is more than wonderful, there is extraordinary. Extraordinary is better. It's so much better. It's unfathomable

I know it seems crazy to believe in something I can't even rationalize, but I know it's real. As sure as I am that there is water in the ocean. I know that true love is real. I know that between the inexplicably blasé workings of everyday life on our minds and bodies, that there really isn't much time for talk of anything other than the routines we so mundanely carry ourselves through, as we are too busy.Too busy constantly waiting for the next box on our daily checklist to be marked off, so we can carry ourselves home, tuck ourselves in, and dream of doing the very same thing all over again. I know, life is real....It isn't meant to be a sonnet, an epic poem, beautiful, or rare. But it is however meant to be lived. The way I see it, you can go your entire life, dreaming and waiting, hoping that burning in your soul will subside, but it won't until it stops it's pangs as it hungers for the fulfillment of joy. Joy that can only be satisfied when given what the soul needs.

Life can be daunting and messy, and boring, but there has to be something that excites, something that inspires us, at the same time it should bring us contentment and a sense of wonder as if every encounter is unlike the last, but yet still familiar.

I don't know if I've convinced you of your own need for personal fulfillment or you just think I sound like "The Bachelorette," with my own idealistic expectations.. There's one thing I ask of you it, it's that you remember that you deserve your own fairy tale, your own unfathomable love story, your own unicorn. Life, as wild and unpredictable as it seems, is yours. So, live, feel, and love with an honesty so real and a mind so open, that even unicorns would read stories about it.



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