15 Signs You're Socially Awkward
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15 Signs You're Socially Awkward

Because functioning in society is hard.

15 Signs You're Socially Awkward
Jenee Nadeau, Abbie Paquette

Being socially awkward is the bane to my existence, and I doubt I'm alone. When it comes to being normal in a public place, it's hard for me to speak clearly without some utter panic in my voice. What's even worse is when I talk to a crush of mine. They'll compliment me saying something as simple as, "You look nice today," and I'll reply with "Good, thanks!"

Obviously being socially awkward hasn't stopped me from socializing (though i do so very poorly). People can always tell that being normal in a social environment really isn't for me, and maybe it really isn't yours either.

1. Stuttering.

Sometimes in order to avoid the awkwardness of actually talking face-to-face to people, you just erupt like a volcano exploding with information, which causes you to trip on your own words.

2. Eye contact.

Looking someone in the eyes is incredibly difficult for me. There's just something about it that gives me the heebie-jeebies. As for me, when someone is staring at me for more than 0.3 seconds questions pops into my mind such as: are they okay, are they mad at me, or is there something on my face. Like they must be staring at me for SOME reason, right? It's just a whole new level of uncomfortable.

3. Preparation of Conversations.

This basically forces you to converse with yourself for a solid thirty minutes before even getting to speak to the other person. You need four different answers for even the simplest of questions to lower your chances of screwing up. This includes thinking of every possible way to answer the question "What's up?" without sounding completely out of whack.

4. Being out in a crowd.

Okay, being out with people you know is already a struggle, so being in a crowd full of people that you don't know basically freezes your insides until you become a statue having a mental freak out about if you accidentally bump into someone or find someone you actually do know.

5. Any relationship.

Do you hug? Do you shake their hand? So many questions you have for yourself, and extreme panic attacks and self-evaluation when someone tells you "I love you." And no, you do not say "Thank You!" I learned that from personal experience.

6. Laughing at inappropriate times.

Because honestly, you have no idea what to say and you're wicked uncomfortable in the first place. So I guess laughing and smiling is one way to contribute to the conversation, or make it that much worse.

7. Dancing.

Honestly, I think I look like a beautiful gazelle busting a move on the dance floor, but really I resemble a beached whale trying to get back into the water. It's even worse when no one else is feeling the vibe like you do. I like to think my moves are just far too unique for my peers.

8. Being left alone with a friend of your friend.

All alarms are basically sounding in your brain to flee as far away as possible, but you try to keep small talk to its ultimate form, with "yes," "no," and my all-time favorite, "sure."

9. Clumsiness.

You're not sure if it is speaking to another of your species that causes you to trip over your shoelace twenty consecutive times, or the fact that you're incredibly nervous about using words.

10. Facial Expressions.

No matter what the situation may be, my facial expressions are nothing but pained with being uncomfortable, annoyed or very embarrassed, all included with an eye roll or two. Sure enough, people always end up seeing it and thinking you're insane.

11. Long periods of silence.

Similar to number one, when faced with awkward long periods of silence, never fear because your brain kicks in and fills it with the first thought out of your head, even if it makes no sense at all.

12. Taking pictures with friends.

Where do you place your hands? On your hips? By your side? Do I smile? Or serious face? After about forty minutes of questioning every placement on your clothes, legs and arms, maybe you'll actually have a picture with a smile that doesn't look overly forced and strained.

13. Ordering food.

Yet again, words become difficult when trying to pick out a meal of choice at a restaurant. Although most waiters and waitresses are very kind, you can't help but force words out of your mouth in between breaths of stress and pained tone. If only food wasn't necessary to live, then these constant awkward encounters wouldn't exist either.

14. Panicking.

Panicking is honestly what your mind consists of 98% of the time, because you're always so unsure of how to interact with others and function as a normal person as part of society.

15. Acceptance.

Even though functioning at social events will never be your forte, even the late night thoughts know that this is just who you are, and people love your awkward self regardless.

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