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Becoming The 'Someone' That Someone Else Needs

The act of caring can never be wasted.

Becoming The 'Someone' That Someone Else Needs
Tessa McLamb

When the tough gets going, the going gets tough; something we all know too well. When the troubles of life get us down, all we truly need to get back on track is a pick me up. Luckily for us, that can come in the form of a friend. Just as we know how comforting it is to have someone to run to when everything is going left, we should play that same role when it comes to other people. Whether it be a family member, a friend or a stranger on the street, it's important that at least once in our lives we become the someone that someone else needs. Oh, how much of a difference one initiative can make and it all starts with you. Instead of dwelling on our own thoughts about what we could do, we can find out here what we should do to become someone's saving grace.

1. Check in

One of the greater ways you can be the someone that someone else needs is by checking in. Often times when we are caught in the middle of an emotional storm, we isolate ourselves from those around us. As much as we all need our space, it's still important for us to know that there is someone out there who cares enough to check in.

Checking in on someone in their time of need can simply be done through a text or a phone call. We can start a conversation with them in person, showing concern for their feelings and being empathic to their situation. It only takes one message. One person. It only takes that one someone who cares enough to reach out to make an extreme difference in someone else's day. We never really know what battles anyone is facing. We don't know how their day could have gone, what news they could have been told. We don't know if life is playing in their favor or if they're internally struggling. The one factor we do know is that it only takes one person to pop in and make a difference in a positive way. Even greater, we never know how our caring can change someone else's whole life.

2. Extend the invite

I get it. We're busy. Our lives are bustling with school, work, a social life, endless events and obligations. As we run through the motions and finish those papers, meet with those friends and attend those events, we tend to forget the importance of including others in our frequent activities. Another one of the best ways to be the someone that someone else needs is by extending an invite to be included in our daily lives.

Whether it be running to the grocery or eating at the dining hall, extending a hand for someone to be included can make a significant impact in their day. Who knows if they had been sitting in their room the entire day? Who knows if they hadn't hung out with another individual in a while? We never know. Physically pulling someone out from their isolation and getting them back into the social world can be a life-changer and an action that we should consider doing more often.

Making someone else feel included, important and loved can inspire them to venture out more. It can push them to break free of their isolation and socialize for themselves. It can save someone from their own troubles. It can save someone from their own thoughts. Be that person. Extend the hand. Make a difference in their day.

3. Listen and learn

Be slow to speak and quick to listen. I believe that it goes unsaid that in being the person that someone needs, it's important to become a listener first and speaker last. Opening your ears and mind to someone struggling internally can come as peaceful to them. Having someone to vent to, express themselves to and confide in can calm their storm more than we may realize.

Can you recall a time where you felt a loss of control in your life? Maybe a time when you were struggling and simply needed someone to let it all out to? Did you feel better afterwards? Like everyone does, the next person would feel just the same if we were the one to become their someone who simply listened. Advice is great. Suggestions go far. But nothing beats becoming a listener. Nothing trumps becoming their safe place.

Let's become listeners. Let's become selfless in each other's lives. Let's become an even better human being. Let's become the someone that someone else needs.

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