As a college student, it is almost impossible to go out on a weekend and expect the event to be dry. That’s alright, people love to get together, have some drinks, and let loose of the troubles the week puts on. Nothing is wrong with wanting to let go of everything and have a good time, but please don’t continue to ask me why I don’t drink. I just don’t. But if you need some reasons, I’ll give you a few reasons.

I want to know how to have a good time without alcohol.

There is so much to experience and can be fun without drinking. Dancing? I am all about it, especially when Mr. Brightside is on. You will hear me shouting the lyrics over everybody else’s voices. Sure, alcohol adds to the fun, even for sober people.

Watching people do funny things drunk is more enjoyable when your sober.

And then telling them all about it the next day is even more enjoyable. But I won't let you do anything that puts you in the way of danger.

But, I mostly stay sober so I can watch out for other people when they’re under the influence.

Aside from everything else, I do my best to help others when possible, and parties are no exception. I can be the hand that stops you from getting yourself seriously hurt or in trouble, so don’t try to get me to join you in beer pong.

This isn’t to say I won’t ever drink, just probably not in college.

There is a whole other part of life to enjoy drinking, but in college I am just going to enjoy my youth. Youth doesn’t last forever, but a nice margarita will be waiting for me when I am not exactly a college student anymore.

I want to have fond memories of my time in college.

Sometimes, if drinking large amounts, the brain won’t be able to recall any memories that formed during the time of consumption. I believe that all memories serve a purpose, and I want to make as many as I can.

Taking care of myself is something I have recently discovered is important.

Alcohol won’t do me any more good than harm, and with the possibility of putting myself in danger, I decided I wasn’t meant for it.

Alcohol can seriously mess up the body.

As both a dancer and a person, staying away from the alcohol is best for my body and mind. I need all the power and energy my body can get to handle early morning dance classes.

Consumption of alcohol is a choice, one that college students (like myself) often must make. No choice is wrong, no choice is right. But I urge you to make the decision that is safest for you. I made this decision trying to remember that the most important in my life is myself. The most important person in your life, is you.